6 prime spots for plant-based meals and drinks in Singapore


With 7% of Singapore’s population following a plant-based diet (according to a YouGov 2020 survey), it is no surprise that the Little Red Dot has a wealth of hawker stalls and fine-dining restaurants in Singapore that specialise in either vegetarian or vegan cuisine. Whether you are doing it for health reasons or to help save the Earth, or a meat lover who’s curious about plant-based food, these six restaurants are must-tries.

1. Afterglow by Anglow

With meat-free versions of popular Japanese, Italian, Thai and Mediterranean dishes, Afterglow by Anglow is hard to beat when it comes to variety. Diners can also modify their orders if they are allergic to any of the ingredients. Whet your appetite with the kimchi avocado rolls – Afterglow’s signature dish which is made with almond sushi “rice”, housemade kimchi and avocado. For your main dish, choose the raw and crispy gluten-free lasagne – made with zucchini sheets rather than pasta, dehydrated cherry tomatoes, a medley of vegetables and walnut “minced meat”. If you’re a fan of burgers but want to keep things meat-free, the Smoked Stack Burger is also a fantastic option with it’s “epic veggie patty” made with broccoli, green beans, shiitake mushrooms, chickpeas and spices.

24 Keong Saik Road. Open Monday to Saturday 12pm-10pm. Nearest MRT: Outram Park.

Vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Singapore Afterglow Smoked Stack Burger
The Smoked Stack Burger at Afterglow. Photo credit: Afterglow

2. Mallow

Founded by Christina Rasmussen and Sasha Wijidessa, Mallow is unique bar that also shines the spotlight on plant-forward dining. The cocktail menu, designed by Wijidessa (formerly of Operation Dagger), features drinks with rather unorthodox ingredients like the King Mushroom – an intriguing concoction of whisky, king oyster mushroom and manzanilla sherry. You can also expect dazzling vegan and vegetarian plates inspired by Rasmussen’s experience as head forager at Noma (voted the World’s Best Restaurant). For an introduction to her creations, try the crispy cabbage with miso tahini, hazelnut dukkah and carrot top salsa followed by striking desserts like the Half Moon – a coconut-based lemon-verbena ice cream served with banana sable, miso caramel and roses.

1 Nanson Road, #02-07, InterContinental Singapore. Nearest MRT: For Canning.

Mallow vegetarian and vegan cocktails
Crispy cabbage with miso tahini, hazelnut dukkah and carrot top at Mallow. Photo credit: Mallow

3. Cultivate

Cultivate Cafe offers an impressive variety of creative dishes with a focus on healthy and nutritious ingredients. They are all plant-based, GMO-free, gluten-free and completely vegan. The raw beetroot with pecan nuts, sage and sumac pesto epitomises the restaurant’s aim to highlight simply prepared organic ingredients. For a more substantial meal, pick the gluten-free leek and roasted pumpkin tart, or the Superfood Earth Bowl with soba noodles and broccoli. End things off on a sweet note with gluten-free and organic dairy-free desserts, such as the pear and ginger cake or the olive oil, honey and lemon cake.

2 Cook Street, The Maxwell Reserve Hotel. Nearest MRT Station: Tanjong Pagar.

Vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Singapore Cultivate
Cultivate offers an intriguing selection of colourful vegan plates. Photo credit: Cultivate

4. VeganBurg

Founded in Singapore in 2010, VeganBurg has been slinging plant-based, cholesterol-, antibiotic-, hormone- and GMO-free patties long before Impossible and Beyond Meat entered Singapore’s vegan food scene. Following their success here, VeganBurg went global with the opening of a San Francisco outlet. While their plant protein patties may not resemble real meat as closely as competitors, they are well-seasoned, convincingly textured and a sure hit with carnivores trying out vegan food for the first time. If you’re one for the classics, opt for the Mustang Relish or the Cracked Mayo which features a rich, dairy-free pepper sauce. For something with a little local flavour, try the Char-grilled Satay or Chili Krab burger which uses a unique plant-based patty that resembles crab meat.

44 Jalan Eunos. Nearest MRT: Eunos.

5. Warung Ijo

If you’ve got a hankering for homestyle Indonesian cuisine that’s vegetarian and vegan friendly, Warung Ijo might be just what you’re looking for. The star of the show here is their meat-free rendang, made with chunks of lion mane mushroom. This unique ingredient offers a fibrous, meaty texture that’s not unlike the fork-tender beef you’d normally find in rendang. There’s also a selection of Indonesian fish dishes made with a soy and seaweed substitute, an omnimeat martabak and meat-free satay. Traditionally vegetarian Indonesian dishes like tahu telor and gado gado can also be found on the menu.

337 Beach Road. Nearest MRT: Bugis.

Vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Singapore Warung Ijo Tahu Telor
Tahu Telor at Warung Ijo. Photo credit: Warung Ijo

6. Analogue

Another restaurant in Singapore that offers both vegan food and fantastic cocktails is Analogue. Tuck into jackfruit rendang tacos, mushroom croquettes or poutine made with chat potatoes, miso and vegan cheese.  There’s also locally inspired sweet-and-savoury desserts like the Piña Clavo – grilled pineapple served with fermented chilli, clove ice cream and a chickpea tuille. For cocktails, there are IBA classics and a range of signature cocktails. Try the Smokey Jerky, an offbeat creation featuring whisky, palo cortado, maple syrup, smoked paprika and mushroom jerky.

30 Victoria Street, #01-31 Chijmes. Nearest MRT: City Hall, Esplanade.


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