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Roughly 1.5 years since the restaurant first opened, Revolver in Tras Street has launched “Bullet 9” and will serve it until the end of June 2023. This is the 9th iteration of their menu.

The latest menu is a showcase of spring’s bounty and interpreted through the restaurant’s signature visceral style.  Ingredients are sourced from the finest seasonal picks from around the world. For instance, their signature Paneer is air-flown to Singapore 3 times a week from Delhi. 

Entering the restaurant for the first time and sitting by the counter, I could not help but notice how carefully skilled the staff members are with the flames. There are plenty of opportunities for diners to witness the actual flame-grilling and even from my seat, I could feel the heat. 

We start the meal with their signature Snack Box, a trio of canapes comprising the Curd Rice Caviar Poppadum, Prawn Balchao Monaka and Foie Gras and Corn Sphere. The monaka canape was especially delightful, and provided for a burst of flavors with the dried shrimp sauce, black pepper and vinegar coming together.

Next came the Maitake and Morel Nihari. The mushrooms are grilled almost to a crisp but what made this dish in my opinion, was the traditional Indian strew that came with it. It was slow-cooked with green cardamom, mace and black pepper.

For cheese lovers, the Paneer, Pesto and Caecila’s Sambal provided for an international touch to the Indian cheese. The basil, olive oil and cashew pesto dressing brought to mind memories of an Italian cheese course. Then, there’s also a touch of sambal ijo on top of the paneer. This was made by food influencer @Singaporeliciouz for a bit of juxtaposition. It was light enough that it didn’t steal the spotlight away from the cheese, fresh and semi-firm to the touch. 

My favorite dish from the dinner menu has got to be the Hokkaido Scallop and Mud Crab Moilee. The scallops and Sri Lankan mud crab bits are first served “dry.” Chef then comes in to “bathe” the dish with Keralan moilee made with coconut milk, curry leaves, ginger and mustard seeds. I really loved the moilee here. It was naturally sweet and aromatic. I would imagine it to be perfect to go with a cup of rice. 

This was my first time to dine at Revolver and given the inclination towards South Indian cuisine, I was really pleased to find plenty of seafood items on the menu. The Boston Lobster with Lemon Pickle possessed a piquant flavor and was bouncy in terms of texture. It’s served almost completely deshelled except for the tail.

Another protein dish to watch out for is the Spring Lamb, Habanero Korma. The meat was amazingly soft – I recall splitting it with my dining partner with little effort – and lacked any of the gamey taste usually associated with this meat.

We were served the carbohydrate dish just before desserts, with Revolver’s signature flatbread or Kulchette stuffed with Comte. It was served alongside Mangalorean-style ghee roast minced wagyu and bone marrow. I loved the flatbread, and I could see how it was cooked in a traditional tandoor oven before serving. It was generously stuffed Comte cheese. Given that the flatbread was already quite filling in itself with the cheese, I found the minced wagyu and bone marrow a tad rich for this course.

We ended the meal with a dessert called Textures of Alphonso. The mangos used came fresh from Ratnagiri in India and are available for only a few months of the year. It came with yoghurt sorbet, almond granola and popping candy for added texture.  

Aside from the dinner menu above, Revolver also has a 5-course lunch menu that goes for S$119++ per person. It’s a better value option for those who don’t require several courses with the dishes possessing no overlap with the dinner menu.

Highlights in the lunch menu include the Japanese Aubergine with Tamarind Mash, Spanish Sea Bream Gujarat Kadhi and Australian Quail.

Revolver’s dinner menu ranges from the 6-course Discovery menu for S$169++, the 8-course Experience mnue for S$229++ or go for the Omakase priced at S$299++. Wine pairings are also available.

56 Tras Street
Singapore 078995

+65 6223 2812 

Opening Hours:
Lunch: Thursday to Sunday, 11:45AM to 2:30PM
Dinner: Tuesday to Sunday, 6PM to 12AM


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