Min Jiang at Dempsey Providing 5 New Dishes for its fifth Anniversary



Min Jiang at Dempsey is commemorating 5 years since it opened in its Dempsey Hill location back in 2019. I reviewed it back then when they first opened and loved their creatively concocted dishes. Many of the specialties that they presented at the time are still available today such as the Turbot and Gold Fish Dumpling. From now until 31st May, they are also presenting an ensemble of 5 new dishes for their anniversary. 

The 5 dishes all contain elements of egg in them and can be ordered as ala carte or as a set for S$138++ per person. During my most recent visit to Min Jiang at Dempsey, I tried the set menu.

Superior Appetiser Trio

This was an exquisitely presented assortment of egg-focused creations comprising the Chilled Quail Egg with Cantaloupe; Crispy Fried Scallop with Salted Egg Yolk; and Morel Mushroom stuffed with Shrimp Paste accompanied with Steamed Egg. We were asked to start with the Morel Mushroom first and end with the Crispy Fried Scallop. Min Jiang at Dempsey has a knack for creating delicious and instagram-worthy starters and this was no exception. This can also be ordered separately for S$26 per person. 

Crabmeat with Bamboo Pith in Pomegranate Egg White Parcel and Whole Abalone in Double-boiled Superior Soup

Although the soup here was essentially a clear soup, the nourishing broth was incredibly rich, having been slow-cooked for three hours. The soup came with delectable ingredients such as crabmeat, dried scallops and bamboo pith enveloped within a delicate pomegranate egg white parcel. It’s finished off with a goji berry and accompanied by a tender piece of abalone. As an ala carte dish, it can be ordered for S$35 per portion.

Pan-fried U.S. Kurobuta Pork with Chef’s Secret Sauce and Crabmeat Omelette

Prepared with succulent U.S. Kurobuta Pork, this dish presents an elevated rendition of one of Chef Goh’s signatures, harking back to the days when Min Jiang was located at Rochester Park. Enhanced with a piquant proprietary homemade sauce made from a blend of black vinegar, chili powder, curry powder, dried chilies and peppercorn, it rests on a bed of fluffy eggs fried with crabmeat and spring onion.

I rarely get to have omelette in a Chinese restaurant and I have to admit that tasting it gave me reminders of a leisurely brunch in a cafe. This dish can also be ordered ala carte for S$22.

Steamed Japanese ‘Mee Sua’ with Langoustine, Caviar and Egg White in Golden Broth

Perhaps the one dish that will generate some oohs and ahs, this creation showcases a bed of silky Japanese ‘Mee Sua’, served alongside a whole langoustine and luscious steamed egg white custard. This ensemble is bathed in a golden broth crafted from simmering prawn shells and topped with caviar, creating a dish that is both flavorful yet did not feel heavy on the palate as is the custom for carbohydrate dishes. The dish can also be ordered separately for S$50.

Deep-fried Purple Sweet Potato Egg Lava Ball with Pistachio Gelato

I love purple sweet potato and I can’t deny. The presentation of the dessert was reminiscent of an egg in a bird’s nest. Cut it with a fork and one finds the decadence of the purple sweet potato custard lava flowing from within. The dish is paired with creamy pistachio gelato for a wonderful hot and cold contrast. The dish can also be ordered for S$16 per serving.

Min Jiang At Dempsey
7A and 7B Dempsey Road
Singapore 249684
Tel: +65 67740122

Opening Hours:
Daily: 1130am – 230pm, 630pm – 1030pm


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