8 Greatest Browsing Spots within the Philippines [With Surfers Personal Experiences]



Saying that it is one of the best things that happened in my life might be an exaggeration to some. Yet it is what it is – the blue horizon beyond the borderline of my comfort zone, the vast sands connecting me with nature, and the only beautiful thing I see amidst a brewing storm.

Ultimate List of Best Surfing Spots in the Philippines
Joseph Greve

It is a blessing to have come from a country wherein its 7000+ islands make up a strategic location for a sport and lifestyle that I recently fell in love with. Being a novice to the sport myself, I spend time researching and talking to some local surfers about popular spots in the Philippines, the accessibility, and Honestly, I am a Baler loyalist but of course, as a novice surfer, I also wanted to promote other surf spots that’s why I made a list of Best Surfing Spots in the Philippines.

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1. Baler Aurora, Philippines

Popular surf Spots: Sabang, Lipit, Lindy’s, North shore, Lob-bot, Charlie’s, Cemento, Secret spot, Maligaya.

How to get there:

  • Joybus “The executive coach of Genesis” (No stopovers)
  • Genesis bus (Regular bus)
  • All buses going to Cabanatuan central terminal then Air-conditioned bus/Van going to Baler

Note: You can find their terminals in Cubao, Quezon City

Level: All levels

Surfer’s feedback:

“Baler to me is home away from home.”  – Kate Demayo

2. La Union Philippines

Popular surf Spots: Nirad, Beach break, Monaliza point, Carille, Bacnotan

How to get there: Partas Transport Company in Cubao, Quezon City (Recommended by frequent visitors)

Level: All levels

Surfer’s feedback:

Beach break Best for Beginners, Monaliza point “The right hander’s favorite, Bacnotan got Longer rides with a sandy break.” – Camille Pilar

“Nirad: Steep waves which are good for short boarders. Beach break: Okay but lots of Beginners. Monaliza: Fun if waves are shoulder to head high. Bacnotan works if beach break doesn’t work and it’s just one jeepney ride away near Holcim Factory, Lastly, Carille is a long boarder’s favorite because it could give smooth and long ride though it does have a reputation that the water is dirty because it is a residential spot.” – Hans Cubillan

3. Zambales Philippines

Popular surf Spots:  Magic left, Crystal beach, High 5 Lahar, Liwa

How to get there: Victory Liner Bus Corporation (Recommended by frequent visitors)

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Surfer’s feedback:

Ang naenjoy ko lang honestly is magic left in pundaquit.  Kahit goofy heaven cya at regular ako sobrang smooth kasi ng rides” – Lala Delos Santos

4. Siargao Island, Philippines

Popular surf Spots:  Cloud 9, Cemetery, Pacifico

How to get there:

  • Direct flight via Cebu Pacific from Manila to Siargao
  • Manila to Cebu (Via Plane) then Cebu to Siargao (Via Plane)
  • Manila to Surigao (Via Plane) then boat ride going to Siargao

Level: Intermediate to Expert

Surfer’s feedback:

“Well to start, my parents are from Siargao, So surfing there is always a homecoming but the waves are different compared to baler or La Union, Mabilis ang alon so may spots na konting paddle lang tapos tayo na, May spots din na steep ang wave so pang shortboards lang. I like these spots: cemetery, tuason, salvation, G1 and rock island. 6 out of 22 spots so madame pa akong di nasusubukan. Of course, I’ve surfed cloud 9, pag Maliit sya hehe ” – Hanz Cubillan

5. Catanduanes, Philippines

Popular surf Spots: Majestics

How to get there:

  • Direct flight via Cebu Pacific or Skyjet to Virac Airport
  • Manila – Albay (Via Plane) then Albay – Catanduanes (Via Ferry)
  • Manila – Albay (Via bus) then Albay – Catanduanes (Via Ferry)

Level: Intermediate to Expert

Surfer’s feedback:

“Puraran is not for soft-hearted beginners. Those reef sea beds are no joke. Once you’re packed with brave heart those crystal cold blue waters are to die for (not literally though) Bringing a pair of reef shoes wouldn’t hurt either. I highly recommend staying in Majestics Puraran. One more thing to remember, paddling to the majestic point is quite a challenge too. That’s a kilometer paddle so you better condition those muscles before hitting those waves.” – Karl Torio

6. Real Quezon, Philippines

Popular surf Spots: Real shoreline

How to get there:

  • Commuting via the Laguna route (ideal for those coming from the south): Ride a bus to Sta. Cruz, Laguna and at the terminal look for a jeep to Siniloan. From Siniloan buses and jeeps are going to Real and Infanta both passing by The Park.
  • Driving via the Laguna Route (ideal for those coming from the south): Take South Luzon Expressway and exit at Calamba. Turn right at Calamba Crossing to the National Highway. This road passes by Los Banos, Bay, Calauan, Victoria, Pila, Sta. Cruz and Pagsanjan. When you arrive at the T-Junction in Pagsanjan, turn left and head straight to Siniloan. From Siniloan, read The Pacific Recreation Kamp feature. (Information came from Byaherong Barat)

Level: Surfer’s feedback:

Surfer’s feedback:

‘Surfing in Real is really good for Beginners, compared to Baler medyo matagal yung alon sa real but mas mahaba yung ride. Mas madali ka makakuha ng alon kasi hindi siya sunod sunod. I’m giving 2 out of 5 rating for “The Park Resort” because it’s still new.” – Calbin Montalban

“Surfing Real is moody but the river mouth is always fun. There are times that waves are glassy and it’s really fun.” – Hanz Cubillan

7. Nasugbu Batangas, Philippines

Popular surf Spots: Nasugbu Beach shoreline

How to get there: Ride a bus bound to Nasugbu then pick the resort of your choice

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Surfer’s feedback:

“One with nature literal kasi minsan mag isa lang ako sa line up na hindi nangyayari masyado sa ibang surf spot.  Masaya dahil yung lokal sea life intact pa at may mga sea turtle, manta ray, sea snake at ibaibang klaseng isda. Dahil hindi pa sya na exploit ng surf industry wala masyadong tao sa dagat kung hindi mga fisherman at dahil walang tao wala masyado manmade structure so dun sa pinag susurfan ko sa Batangas ok pasya.

Sana forever na sya ganun kaso alam ko sooner or later mag babago rin lahat sana lang hindi kasing bilis katulad sa ibang surf spot.  Mag tataka ka batangas ang pinaka malapit na surf spot sa manila pero hindi sya pinupuntahan ng tao. Maraming reason kung bakit . Pero ang pinaka alam ng tao is yung lokalism. Sa tingin ko kung friendly ka sa lokals hindi sila magkakaron ng rason maging hostile so kahit saang spot show respect lang .

All in all, i consider Batangas my home break  30-35mins away lang ako nakatira . Marami siyang setup beach breaks, reef breaks, point lefts, rights so basically kompleto

Hindi sya pinaka magandang spot sa pilipinas pero dahil walang crowd sulit.”  – James Gabriel

“Magulo ang alon nila kapag may bagyo pero malalaki. Pero kapag ung 2 days after dumating ng bagyo magaganda ung swell, May interval parang baler din pero syempre hindi ganun kalaki. Dun kami kina Margot beach resort lagi, libre kasi kape dun at tsaka nanay nanayan na namin un.”
– Pok Nacario

8. Pagudpud, Philippines

Popular surf Spots: Blue Lagoon

How to get there:

  • Manila – Laoag (via Plane) then take a bus bound to Cagayan (ask the conductor to drop you off to Pagudpud)
  • Manila – Laoag (Via Bus) then Laoag – Pagudpud (Via Jeepney)
  • Take any bus from Manila bound to Pagudpud

Level: All levels

Surfer’s feedback:

“Pagudpud has some of the best and largest waves in all of the Philippines and is one of the least crowded surf beaches too, making it a pure surf lover’s dream getaway spot.” – Surfing Philippines

Other surf spots to visit:

  • Mati, Davao
  • Gubat, Sorsogon
  • Guiuan, Samar
  • Cantilan, Surigao
Ultimate List of Best Surfing Spots in the Philippines
Alex King

I know most of you guys are hesitant to try surfing because of so many reasons but trust me it’s worth the try. So I guess I’ll be waiting for you in the line-up?

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