11 under-the-radar seashores for a dose of Vitamin Sea



As the saying goes: “The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea.” No doubt many of us find comfort in the sight of a shoreline and a dip in blue waters – even better if it’s a slice of paradise hidden from the crowds. From islands in the Asia Pacific to European getaways, Californian shores and South African spots, here are 11 less-trodden beaches to enjoy solace by the sea.

Asia Pacific

1. For picturesque landmark rocks alongside powder-soft sand

Futamigaura Beach, Fukuoka, Japan
Fly to: Fukuoka

Just an hour from Fukuoka City, Itoshima Peninsula is teeming with beaches. If you had to choose only one, head to Futamigaura Beach for its powder-soft sands and azure waters. In particular, visitors come to see two gigantic “husband and wife” rocks connected by a straw rope – best viewed from the shore with the white torii gates framing it.

Aside from its rock formations and white torii gate, Futamigaura Beach is also known for its beautiful sunset view. Photo: Shutterstock

2. For a quiet local beach that’s a breeze to get to

Hermit’s Cove, Cebu, Philippines
Fly to: Cebu

With over 7,000 islands, the Philippines is blessed with some of the most stunning beaches in the world. Some like Boracay are known globally, while others remain in the shadows mostly because they’re hard to get to. Those in search of a less trodden beach without it being too much of a trek can head to Hermit’s Cove. Located in Aloguinsan town close to Cebu City, this white sand public beach has a relaxed vibe and offers a glimpse of authentic Filipino life.

3. For a rustic snorkelling spot in a favourite holiday spot

Ao Sane Beach, Phuket, Thailand
Fly to: Phuket

The Pearl of the Andaman is already a choice destination amongst beach lovers; now that HBO has announced that the filming of The White Lotus’ latest season is there, it’s bound to be even more so. Avoid the crowds by heading to Ao Sane Beach in southwest Phuket, a discreet rocky beach great for snorkelling. Located down the famous Nai Harn, the sparse onsite facilities help retain its rustic charm that sets it apart from the ultra-groomed shorelines elsewhere.

4. For family-friendly waters ideal for creature-spotting

Little Salmon Bay, Rottnest Island, Western Australia
Fly to: Perth

No matter how cute they are, there’s more to Rottnest Island than the quokka. This nature-rich destination off the coast of Perth is home to 63 beautiful beaches such as Little Salmon Bay. Situated in the southernmost tip of the island, this naturally sheltered beach with calm waters appeals to families. Put your snorkels on and explore the healthy coral reefs, or wait for the rare Australian sea lions to make an appearance – they love to sunbathe here.

Little Salmon Bay’s waters are calm and safe for families. Photo: Shutterstock

5. For an enchanting inky shore with views of snow-capped mountains

Black Pebble Beach, Kaikoura, New Zealand
Fly to: Christchurch

This stretch of dramatic ebony sand doesn’t get a lot of airtime outside New Zealand, but you can’t blame the locals for wanting to keep this area to themselves. Located north of Kaikoura close to Kekerengu town, the mysterious Black Pebble Beach has dark stones up close and you can also see the Alps at a distance. Apart from being visually stunning, it’s also a good place for spotting wild seals.

6. For a pristine private island escape

Soneva Secret, Haa Dhaalu Atoll, Maldives
Fly to: Maldives

If you’re looking for an indulgent yet serene beach escape, it’s hard to beat the Maldives. Now this is a bit of an open secret: luxury hotel brand Soneva chose a secluded island on the remote Haa Dhaalu Atoll to create their newest resort – Soneva Secret. Opening in March, their barefoot luxury ethos is on full display on this private island, which is home to 14 rooms and the country’s first and only floating villa. How’s that for exclusive?


7. For the perfect dive after a coastal drive

Punta Aderci, Abruzzo, Italy
Fly to: Rome

Sicily and Sardinia aren’t the only places in Italy with golden sands and emerald waters. Punta Aderci in Abruzzo also has beaches embraced by rugged cliffs; they’re so gorgeous that National Geographic named it as one of the best in the country. Plus, the breathtaking coastline of the natural reserve of Punta Aderci is perfect for a drive, hike or cycle if you’re looking for more than beachcombing.

Take a dip in the waters of Punta Aderci after a hike or a drive. Photo: Shutterstock

8. For waters so clear, it wins awards

Tisvildeleje Beach, Tisvilde, Denmark
Fly to: Copenhagen

Unbeknownst to many, Copenhagen has a thriving swimming culture. Drive 45 minutes from the city and you’ll find Tisvilde, a coastal village that’s home to the family-friendly Tisvildeleje Beach, part of the Danish Riviera. The sandy beach enjoys a backdrop of traditional colourful houses, and was given a Blue Flag Award for its crystal clear waters.

The cheery beach huts of Tisvildeleje Beach. Photo: Shutterstock

9. For a hidden cove in a well-loved beach destination

Cala Sa Sabolla, Costa Brava, Spain
Fly to: Barcelona

Itching for a beach day whilst in Barcelona? Skip the chiringuitos (small beach bars) in the urban beaches and make the two-hour drive to Costa Brava. This well-developed tourist spot still has a trove of isolated beaches, and none are as wonderful as the secluded Cala Sa Sabolla. Accessible only by foot via a coastal hike or a boat ride, the cala (which means ‘cove’ in Catalan) features a dramatic drop and shimmering waters that feel like a world away.

United States

10. For a shoreline so majestic, photographers flock to it

El Matador State Beach, Malibu, USA
Fly to: Los Angeles

Malibu may be known for its celebrity mansions, but its natural surroundings are even more impressive. Check out the magnificent El Matador State Beach – a large expanse of coast dotted with towering, sculptural rock formations. Considered one of the best beaches in Southern California, it draws plenty of photographers but still feels like a hidden gem as its sparse facilities keep the crowds away.

The sculptural rock formations of El Matador State Beach. Photo: Shutterstock


11. For winds strong enough to kite-surf

Platboom Beach, Cape Point, South Africa
Fly to: Cape Town

Cape Town boasts dozens of spectacular beaches, but if you’re looking for a remote beach that’s still relatively accessible from the city, the white sand Platboom Beach is your best bet. Located 65 kilometres from the centre, this is one of the wildest and unspoilt beaches in Cape Point where you can enjoy postcard-perfect views and if you’re more adventurous, a kite-surfing session too.

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