Breaking down obstacles by way of signal language



Her efforts have not gone unnoticed. She recalls a memorable encounter with a deaf traveller back in 2019, when she was working for SilkAir (prior to its merger with Singapore Airlines). “Upon boarding the aircraft, the customer signed to one of my colleagues, who had assisted in loading his baggage into the overhead compartment. I explained to my colleague that the customer was signing ‘thank you’, and also taught him to sign ‘welcome’ in return,” she says. “The customer then requested to take a short video of us. I simply thought he was a leisure traveller who wanted to commemorate the flight.” Little did she know that the customer was in fact Mr. Joel Barish, the co-founder of popular events business DeafNation. The video he posted online quickly went viral, accruing over 616,000 views on Facebook. This encounter has since inspired Evelyn to encourage more cabin crew members to learn sign language.



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