8 nice out of doors adventures to place in your journey bucket checklist in 2024


New year, new ways of travelling. As the sun rises on 2024, it’s time to dust off that resolve to try something of a different speed and prepare for brand new adventures.

Whether it’s a heart-pumping hike in the wilderness or an idyllic island getaway, these eight escapades promise breathtaking vistas, surprise encounters and some quality, contemplative time in the great outdoors.

So what are you waiting for? Put some of these ideas on your travel bucket list and get planning for your next epic adventure. 

1. Jump on the Korean-style camping trend 

Book a flight to: Seoul

Camping has become something of a national sport in South Korea since the pandemic eased, when millions of travel-starved locals descended upon the hundreds of campgrounds across the country to satisfy the urge for a different experience. 

Take a leaf from their book and camp with style: think tents but with creature comforts, such as fairy lights and movie screenings with compact projectors. Or try out bulmeong, a local camping craze that involves zoning out while staring at a fire. 

Camping in style. Photo: Li Yang via Unsplash

No Korean gathering is complete without a feast, so break out your cast iron pots for some campfire spicy stew with Korean beef and steaming bowls of rice.

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2. Bliss out on island getaways off the coast of Singapore

Book a flight to: Singapore

Just a pebble’s skip away from the cosmopolitan hub of Singapore – past the Indonesian border – are some world-class island getaways that boast crystal-clear waters, luxurious resorts and activities for couples and families alike. 

Fulfil your island-living dreams in the gorgeous adults-only bamboo villas on Cempedak Private Island in Riau, a three-hour journey from Singapore. Its smart design offers the best of living in nature, while the exceptional hospitality and sumptuous meals ensure you won’t want to leave. 

Kayak around the island or explore on land by foot – either way, keep an eye out for hornbills, hawksbill turtles and other wildlife. For a family-friendly version of this eco-luxury experience, check out its sister resort Nikoi Island, a short ferry ride away.

Seeking something more off the grid? Head to Telunas Resorts on remote Sugi Island, also in Indonesia’s Riau archipelago, where you’ll swap Wi-Fi, air-conditioning and television for water sports and spa treatments.

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3. Walk on the wild side with the elusive leopard in Sri Lanka’s nature reserves  

Book a flight to: Colombo 

Spotting the majestic leopards in the wilderness of their natural habitats is no walk in the park, so it’s best to seek out these elusive creatures alongside expert wildlife guides and naturalists, who can teach you how to do so responsibly. In the cold light of dawn, you’ll train your senses to attune to the subtlest signs, such as prey alarm calls, markings in the soil and lingering notes of fresh kills.

To track the elusive leopard at Sri Lanka’s Yala National Park, a wildlife sanctuary, there’s no better guide than Hilton Yala Resort’s head ranger Sajith Withanage, the most qualified tracker in the country. His preternatural senses and deep respect for wildlife ensure that every jeep ride with him is filled with surprise sightings and thrilling stories from his 11 years of safari experience.

Head ranger Sajith Withanage (far right) leads a safari tour in the scenic Yala National Park. Photo: Hilton Yala Resort

Explore how you can go on a safari adventure responsibly and in comfort at Hilton Yala Resort here. For a different kind of cat, read our story on tiger-spotting in Karnataka, India here.  

4. Travel by train through Vietnam’s rustic east coast 

Book a flight to: Da Nang

Quaint villages emerging like mirages in a sea of rice paddies, disused whistle-stop stations and straw hat-clad farmers tending to their fields – one of the best ways to soak in the tranquil sights of Vietnam’s countryside is aboard a train on Vietnam’s colonial-era railway network. 

The Vietage. Photo: The Vietage

The first-class comfort on The Vietage, a 12-guest train carriage that takes you between the cities of Da Nang and Quy Nhon in six hours, makes this journey all the sweeter. Here, you can get your shoulders massaged and sip on cocktails as you make your way across Vietnam’s eastern coast. 

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5. Cycle off the beaten track on Turkey’s idyllic Heybeliada

Book a flight to: Istanbul

Just an hour’s ferry ride from Istanbul lies a charming archipelago of islands called Princes’ Islands – their history dates back to the Byzantine era, when they served as refuge for exiled royalty. 

Motor vehicles are not allowed on the islands, making getting around by horse-drawn carriages and bicycles the norm. Its second-largest island, Heybeliada, is ideal for exploring by bike, as it sees less traffic than its bigger sibling Burgazada. Here, you can take in cerulean waters, picturesque skyline and eclectic architecture. 

Cycling is a great way to explore Princes’ Islands, if you’re seeking an idyllic escape from Istanbul. Photo: Shutterstock

Cycling around the approximate 6km route around this cosy island makes for an ideal half-day sojourn out of Istanbul. Whizz past Victorian-style homes with charming wooden details and orange-hued rooftops of Byzantine buildings that dot the island. Once you’ve taken in the sights, park yourself in a local café for some kasar peynirli tost (grilled cheese).

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6. Help save the seas at these beach resorts across the Asia-Pacific 

Book a flight to: Male or Okinawa

Contribute to the health of our oceans while getting in some tropical beach time at resorts where marine conservation meets luxury. Dive into the crystal-clear warm waters off the Okinawan coast and transplant young corals in its biodiverse reefs at Intercontinental Manza Beach Resort, or help give waste plastic a second life at the Fairmont Maldives’ Sustainability Lab.

Photo: The Ritz Carlton Maldives Fari Islands

Science geeks can join researchers at The Ritz-Carlton Maldives, Fari Islands for drone-flying excursions to collect data on marine plastic aggregation and understand how marine trash is carried by currents.

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7. Chase flowers and foliage through the seasons in Kanagawa’s peaceful temples

Book a flight to: Tokyo

Along the coastal expanse of Kanagawa Prefecture and just an hour away by train from bustling Tokyo, the ancient capital city of Kamakura entices visitors throughout the year with a rotating schedule of beautiful blooms and foliage. 

Delicate plum blossoms grace from February to March, followed by the iconic sakura or cherry blossoms from March to April. Elegant blue, pink and white hydrangeas burst into bloom in May and June. And don’t miss the flurry of fall foliage between October and December. 

Hydrangea walk in Meigetsuin temple in Kamakura
Yukata-clad visitors walk through the hydrangea walkway at Meigetsuin temple. Photo: Shutterstock

Pair your floral pursuit with a bowl of matcha in one of the city’s many temple grounds, while meditating upon the Japanese philosophy of tea: ichi go, ichi e, or “one time, one meeting”. Just like the blooming of a flower, a moment can never happen the same way twice; it is an invitation to appreciate life as it comes.

Read more about flower-chasing in Kamakura here

8. Trek across Sri Lanka’s rugged landscapes

Book a flight to: Colombo

This hill-dotted tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean has much to offer in the way of hikes. If you are up for a challenge, tackle a 300km journey through the heart of Sri Lanka’s tea country on the Pekoe Trail, past cascading waterfalls and rolling valleys. 

From adrenaline-pumping heights to leisurely trails, the hiking options are plenty in Sri Lanka. Photo: Shutterstock

Those who prefer a more leisurely hike can scale Pidurangala, a soaring rock that overlooks the UNESCO World Heritage Site Sigiriya – an ancient rock fortress built in the 4th century AD by King Kasyapa. Cool off after with a glass of iced Ceylon tea and cardamom-spiced dessert.

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