Porcelain Skincare



After your explorations in Singapore, make sure to treat yourself to a rejuvenating skincare experience at Porcelain Spa. This sanctuary offers a range of luxurious treatments to care for your skin, ensuring you leave looking fresh during your travels. At the heart of its beauty philosophy is a foundation-free approach that aims to correct skin issues at their root. With a focus on clean formulations and clinically-proven technology, the Singapore-based premium skincare brand has garnered over 130 accolades and has been featured in prestigious publications such as Forbes, BBC, and the Louis Vuitton City guide. Forget prescriptive cookie-cutter skincare advice: their highly personalized customer experience also includes a proprietary mobile app for tracking your skin’s progress and personalized recommendations. The brand is also committed to using safe ingredients and extensively tests the efficacy and safety of its formulas.



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