Particular Service Launches For Hong Kong-Zhuhai Airport Transit Passengers


Mainland Chinese authorities announced that the Fly Via Zhuhai-HK passenger transfer service will begin on December 12. According to media reports, the new service will give international passengers who arrive in Hong Kong the option of heading to Zhuhai to take domestic flights to China without undergoing Mainland immigration checks.

Once overseas travellers undergo border clearance in Hong Kong, they can take a shuttle bus to Zhuhai via the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge. They can then head straight to their boarding gates for their onward Mainland flights without any further immigration checks.

The service will also allow Mainland passengers who enter the SAR via Zhuhai to skip border control procedures in Hong Kong if they take an international flight out of the Hong Kong International Airport. This move aims to boost Zhuhai’s international flight links by connecting them to Hong Kong’s 200 overseas destinations.

The Fly Via Zhuhai-HK initiative was announced in November 2022 so that, “Mainland passengers travelling on HZMB can reach worldwide destinations conveniently via HKIA, while HKIA’s passengers can also travel to Mainland cities via Zhuhai Airport.”

Header image credits: Nick Poon via Canva

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