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This time of the year can be a hectic one for salons, with everyone keen for a visit prior to their office parties, Christmas celebrations and ringing in the Western and Lunar New Years. We asked the team at Glow Spa & Salon for their tips on treatments, bookings and fun festive extras from hairstyles and nail art to finding the right hair colour ideas and lash extensions in Hong Kong

What are some things that are good to know for anyone looking to book a Glow appointment at this time?

Needless to say, we are very busy! Get your booking made as soon as possible and try to minimise reschedules. Where you can, combine services so that you cut down on the trips you need to make to the city.

hairstyles eyelash extensions in hong kong

Plan your timing well – think about travel dates, visitor arrivals, school break-ups and so on. Also consider the time between treatments; brows, eyelash tints, lash extensions and spray tans should be booked in advance for the last couple of weeks before Christmas so you’re ready for the holidays.

If you’re running errands in the city or buying Christmas gifts, you’re welcome to leave bags and shopping in the salon before or after your appointment to make things easier. You’re also welcome to use one of our beauty rooms to change into your party dress. So bring your dress with you to the salon if this makes getting to the party easier!

Finally, always give Glow a call if you need an appointment urgently. Even with the best-made plans, clients reschedule from time to time. Therapists and stylists occasionally have gaps in this schedule. We’ll certainly always do our best to help shuffle appointments or squeeze you in.

Since it’s such a busy time, do you have any tips for maximising time? For example, are there ways to “multi task” treatments during one visit?

Absolutely! Hair, nails and pedicures can all be done during the same appointment. When booking, try to make sure you book your waxing, facials, brows and lash extensions and tints before your hair appointment so you don’t lay down on your freshly blow-dried hairstyle.

If you’re keen to spend less time in the salon, a toner and blow-dry is a quick and cost-effective way to freshen up a hairdo, making the hair shiny, glossy and healthy looking, with fantastic blow-dried volume.

What are some key hairstyles, hair colour ideas and treatments for this time of year?

The word of the moment is “maintenance”. People are after a great haircut with an understood colour that suits their skin tone; something they’re familiar with and that they feel comfortable with, especially when it comes to seeing themselves in holiday snaps. Radical changes to your hairstyle and trying out some new hair colour ideas are not recommended pre Christmas, unless the client is 100 percent confident in the change.

We see more men at this time of year than any other time, not just tidying up haircuts, but opting for all sorts of male grooming, from beard tidying to manicures and pedicures, eyebrow and lash tints and lifts, facials and body waxing. The therapists at Glow are experienced and confident with men’s grooming treatments, including intimate waxing and hair removal.

What other treatments are popular for the holiday and party season?

A simple brow shape coupled with an eyelash tint and eyelash lift can make an incredible difference, freshening up the eyes and defining the face shape. It’s akin to a mini facelift! Spray tans are also very popular at this time of the year, giving a fresh, healthy and youthful glow.

lash extensions in hong kong and facials at glow

Do you offer anything specifically Christmassy for those who want to get into the seasonal spirit?

Nail art is the most popular way of embracing the festive spirit. Kate, Tracey and Elsa have lots of designs and will be able to make a suggestion. Or bring in a photo you’ve seen as inspiration.

nail art and hair colour ideas

Why not add in a Christmas-coloured extension? These are available in seasonal reds and greens, but can also be customised to any colour you like in the rainbow – or you can have the actual rainbow, if you prefer!

Extensions are a relatively low cost and easy way to add in colour and also easy to remove in a few weeks without any damage to the hair. They’re also a great treat for kids who are desperate to put a few vibrant pops of colour through their hairstyle for the Christmas period without using bleach or having to worry about going back to school!

If someone wants a completely new look for 2024, what’s a good tip for getting it right?

Be 100 percent sure about the new look. Bring in your inspiration photos and have a long chat with your hairstylist. Listen to their advice.

Do you have any gifts for under the tree or as a new year treat?

Glow has lots of Christmas gifts available from brands like Davines, Thalgo, Skeyndor, GHD and others. In addition, we have gift cards and also service bundles that are available especially for Christmas. These include facial and massage bundles.

We’re always very happy to customise a gift or create a specific voucher and deliver it to your home or office.

voucher for hairstyles, lash extensions and hair colour ideas

What does the Glow team like best about the festive season?

The salon and spa are buzzing at this time of the year. People are happy, excited and positive, and full of the Christmas spirit. We love hearing about people’s plans, whether they be travel plans or dinner plans, or ideas for gifts, or even sight seeing plans for impending visitors – we love sharing in all of those family stories. Also, we love inviting people into our lounge, sharing a glass of wine or bubbles and a mince pie treat or our famous banana bread!

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Interested in lash extensions or got some hair colour ideas in mind for Christmas? Keep up with the what’s new in Hong Kong with our Style and Beauty section.



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