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Many of us know the importance of wine pairing. After all, the right wine can accentuate different dishes and make most food taste delectable. What many don’t realise though, is the complex nature of the wine industry and how much effort goes into getting the wine from vineyard to table. Every step, from sourcing rare vintages to finding the appropriate storage, is critical and of utmost importance.  

That’s where the Singapore Wine Vault comes in. This $200m state-of-the-art urban wine vault spreading across 750,000 square feet is the largest in Southeast Asia. Aside from providing wine storage, Singapore Wine Vault offers oenophiles access to a wide range of international wines and reliable and secure shipping, making them the perfect partner from the beginning to the end of your wine journey.   

Singapore Wine Vault
This state-of-the-art urban wine vault spreading across 750,000 square feet is the largest in Southeast Asia.

The importance of proper care for your wines 

Experts often say that wine is “a living and breathing thing” during its time in the bottle. Changes in the environment can open up and release complex flavours in wine. In equatorial climates like Singapore, there are many challenges when it comes to the transport and storage of wine. Environmental factors such as light, heat, and humidity can cause wines to develop an unpleasant taste and even become undrinkable.

In other words, keeping your prized bottles safe can be a tedious task. As a serious wine collector or investor, this means finding a storage solution with specific parameters. Given how expensive some rare wines are, it is wise to leave them to experts with dedicated facilities and solutions.   

Founded in 2014, the Singapore Wine Vault is that dedicated expert. Offering a secure home for your liquid assets, they also act as a trusted partner for international wine shipping. Set up to respond to the growing needs of sophisticated wine investors, they understand the importance of having access to a wide range of wines from different regions. They work with international suppliers who can source and procure the best wines from around the world. Additionally, they facilitate the logistics of getting those wines to you, guaranteeing a seamless wine experience from start to end.   

Singapore wine vault storage
Equatorial climates like Singapore posits many challenges when it comes to the effective transport and storage of wine.

Unlike traditional self-storage facilities that require fixed lease agreements, Singapore Wine Vault offers a pay-per-use option. This flexible approach allows clients to merely pay for the storage space they need and the duration they require it for. Whether youre looking for short or long-term storage, you have the freedom to adjust your storage requirements based on your changing needs.   

Cutting-edge technology 

Believing that your liquid assets only deserve the best, Singapore Wine Vault employs the best technology and security setting it a cut above its competitors.

To ensure ideal storage for all types of wines, the vault offers secure wine space that is separated into two main chamber areas: 12°C for storage of fine wines, and 20°C for storage of commercial wines. The combination of a temperature-controlled warehouse and industrial dehumidifiers ensures wine quality is preserved. This offers the best of both worlds to clients who may want to store and age their wine at an optimal temperature as well as wine lovers who want to have a collection of wines on hand for drinking

Offering both bonded and non-bonded options, you’re free to suspend the payment of duty and GST until your wines are withdrawn for consumption. It is also the first in the world to receive the ISO and HACCP Certification from TUV Rheinland for the storage and handling of wines. Other services they offer include processing GST and taxes for duty-suspended goods, optional wine insurance covering fire and theft, and even wine photography.   



As the creators of the first-ever Wine Vault app developed for both Android and iPhone users, anyone with a Singapore Virtual Wine Cellar account can access their wine cellar, regardless of where they are. This dedicated app offers an instant overview of your wine collection, delivers information for easy management of your wine portfolio, shows a photographic inventory of your wine collection upon request, and even arranges delivery door-to-door for wines at the mere touch of a button.   

Your trusted partner in wine storage  

Whether you’re someone who enjoys hosting dinners with the best bubbly at your place, an investor looking to restock your cellar with top-notch picks, or simply a wine lover who loves a good glass from time to time, the team at Singapore Wine Vault guarantees top-notch customer service so you can have peace of mind from vineyard to living room.   



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