Swapping a desk job for a profession within the sky


A learning experience

Alvin soon discovered that all Singapore Airlines cabin crew undergo rigorous training – in areas ranging from safety and security to services – in order to deliver a consistently high level of service. “The learning curve at the beginning was steep. Being new to the industry, I was overwhelmed by the multitasking abilities that were required of a cabin crew, and the need to think quickly on one’s feet. I had to learn the ropes from my fellow experienced colleagues while ensuring that customer satisfaction was not compromised,” he recalls. 

Fortunately, he managed to settle into his role thanks to the supportive work environment. “The constant encouragement shown by my colleagues and team leaders played an important role in helping me develop a growth mindset and embrace the joy of learning. My instructors and managers have also been extremely encouraging,” he says. “The most memorable part of training is striving for excellence together as a team. On board, cabin crew will always rally together in times of need to deliver the best service to our passengers, especially during full and busy flights.” 

In addition to learning the various responsibilities of a cabin crew member, Alvin has picked up many soft skills along the way, including heightened situational awareness. “My training has prepared me to manage emergency, medical and security situations on board. 

Alvin says his career with Singapore Airlines is a constant learning journey. “My mantra for success is ‘practice makes perfect’. Repeating what we do every day on board helps us become better at our job, and helps us grow individually and professionally,” he notes. 

And while his role can be demanding, he ensures that he sets aside time to decompress after each flight. “I know when to work hard and when to play hard,” he says. “I look forward to enjoying me-time overseas after a hard day’s work. Experiencing what different cultures have to offer with my fellow colleagues is extremely satisfying.” 


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