Hong Kong Airport Passengers Can Clear Safety With out Eradicating Electronics & Liquids From Carry-On Baggage



Travellers who leave Hong Kong via the airport will be able to clear security without emptying their carry-on bags of any liquids and electric devices from early next year, says Chief Executive John Lee. The territory’s leader made the announcement during his second policy address, which he delivered on Wednesday.

Lee says the airport will debut a Smart Lane that will allow passengers to undergo pre-boarding security screening seamlessly. “The Airport Authority of Hong Kong will gradually introduce a ‘Smart Lane’, beginning next year, so that passengers will not need to take out such items as liquids and electronic devices from their carry-on luggage during aviation security screening, making the screening process faster and more convenient,” he said.

liquids in carry-on baggage
Passengers may only take 100ml of liquids in their carry-on baggage in a transparent bag (© PoppyPixels via Canva)

Passengers can take no more than 100ml of liquids, aerosols and gels in their carry-on baggage, and they may be asked to open their bags for additional checking after initial screening. Exceptions are made for medication, baby milk or food, and other special dietary requirements. In addition, travellers must place all of their metallic and electronic carry-on belongings on a tray that will be screened during the security clearance process.

The CE added that the city will introduce an autonomous transportation system to take passengers along the Airport City Link connecting SKYCITY and the Hong Kong Port Island of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau-Bridge from 2025, which will extend to the Tung Chung Town Centre in 2028. This ties in with the trials of unmanned shuttles that the government has been conducting this year to ferry passengers between Tung Chung and the airport.

Header image credits: PRImageFactory via Canva

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