Cruises Between Hong Kong & Sanya Resume As China Ports Open Up For Worldwide Journey


Cruises between Hong Kong and Hainan have resumed as Mainland China opened up its ports for international travel last month. Resorts World One kicked off its first cruise to Sanya, the biggest tourist destination on the island province, on September 26, and will operate a total of 32 journeys between the two cities until April 2024.

Travellers can choose from six Resort World Cruise itineraries, which include two-day or three-day cruises, or even opt for longer trips combining a cruise and a stay in Sanya lasting up to five days. Visitors can even book a one-way cruise to Sanya if they wish to enter or leave the tourist destination by air.

Earlier this year, China resumed issuing visas to foreigners when it opened its borders after scrapping its Covid-19 restrictions. Mainland Chinese authorities also revived the visa-free policy for nationals of 59 countries for Hainan. Citizens of the following countries may enter Hainan from Hong Kong or overseas for no longer than 30 days as long as they have a direct flight (or cruise) to the island:

Russia United Kingdom France
Germany Norway Ukraine
Italy Austria Finland
Netherlands Denmark Switzerland
Sweden Spain Belgium
Czech Republic Estonia Greece
Hungary Iceland Latvia
Lithuania Luxembourg Malta
Poland Portugal Slovakia
Slovenia Ireland Cyprus
Bulgaria Romania Serbia
Croatia Bosnia-Herzegovina Montenegro
Macedonia Albania United States
Canada Brazil Mexico
Argentina Chile Australia
New Zealand South Korea Japan
Singapore Malaysia Thailand
Kazakhstan Philippines Indonesia
Brunei United Arab Emirates Qatar
Monaco Belarus
The list of 59 countries whose nationals can enter Hainan visa-free for up to 30 days

Tourists eligible for short-term visa-free travel to Hainan must first register with a Hainan travel agency before they arrive at the island. If they wish to visit other parts of Mainland China, they must apply for a visa. Last month, Mainland China made its visa application process simpler by reducing the amount of information visitors need to provide authorities.

Header image credits: Natalia Garidueva via Canva

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