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Sarah Vee has founded a community for women aiming to provide a space where they can develop personal and professional relationships. We chat to her about how the organisation is empowering women and what’s next for Women of Hong Kong!

If you’re not from Hong Kong originally, what brought you here and when?

My family is from the Philippines but I’m HK born and raised!

Sarah Vee - Empowering women of Hong Kong

Tell us about Women of Hong Kong.

The Women of Hong Kong network is all about connection, collaboration and empowering women to grow both personally and professionally. We offer various services, including networking events and social group chats that provide a platform for women to connect, collaborate and build relationships with like minded individuals.

The network attracts a diverse range of women, and it welcomes women from various backgrounds and professions, including founders of women-led businesses, professionals seeking personal growth, working mothers and individuals looking for mentorship or to learn from one another.

What’s your role, and what does it entail from day to day?

As the founder and creator of Women of Hong Kong, my role is multifaceted and encompasses various responsibilities. My top priority is to remain true to our mission of bringing women together and challenging societal stereotypes. Here’s how I contribute to achieving this mission:

Connecting women

I brainstorm innovative ways to connect women through online platforms, events and interactive chat sessions. By fostering a sense of community, I aim to create a supportive space for women to share experiences and uplift each other.

Curating content

I carefully select topics, workshops and activities that can bridge the gap between women and help them realise their full potential. I aim to create awareness that women have the power to become their best selves, starting from within.

Managing the tech side

I oversee the management of our website, ensuring it provides a seamless user experience for our members. Additionally, I work closely with community managers to facilitate engaging and meaningful discussions within our network. Managing collaborations and partnerships is also part of my responsibilities, as I seek out opportunities to expand our reach and impact.

Organising events

I take charge of organising events, ensuring they align with our mission and provide valuable experiences for our members. From logistics to content planning, I strive to create memorable and impactful events that empower women.

Customer service

I work with our customer service team to address the needs and concerns of our members, ensuring their experience with Women of Hong Kong is positive and fulfilling. In summary, my role as the founder involves a combination of strategic thinking, content curation, community management, overseeing technical aspects, event organisation, and working with partners and collaborators. Through these efforts, I aim to create a platform that empowers women and helps them thrive!

Women of Hong Kong community of women

How can people join?

You can join the Women of Hong Kong network by visiting and signing up for a free membership. We prioritise safety and security, so we have a screening process in place to verify identities. Once approved, you’ll receive an email with options for connecting and utilising the network, such as joining our WhatsApp Communities or exploring other networking opportunities.

What advice would you give newcomers to Hong Kong in terms of networking?

Come in with an open mind – I promise our community for women is unlike any other! We prioritise values such as being non-judgmental and supporting each other to be our authentic selves. Don’t be afraid to ask questions – there will always be someone in the community who can answer it! It’s essential to recognise the unique challenges that women face and seek out authentic connections that can help elevate your personal growth. You’ll find relatable stories and experiences that inspire and uplift you. Remember, you’re not just networking for yourself – you’re part of a movement that’s changing the world!

What are you excited about for your networking organisation for the rest of this year and beyond?

I am beyond thrilled about the space we’re creating for our network. It’s a groundbreaking concept in Hong Kong – a lounge designed specifically for women. After two years of hard work, we felt the time to curate a space that truly represents us. Situated on Old Bailey Street, right next to Tai Kwun, it’s a 2,400-square-foot oasis complete with an outdoor terrace. We’ve made sure to design it with versatility in mind, making it an inclusive haven for all our amazing members. We proudly call it The Women’s Lounge! It’s a place where women can come together, share their stories and skills, and find ways to support one another.

There will also be a retail space showcasing the products and services of members, private meeting rooms, a podcast recording room and more – but I’ll save all the details for the launch in October!

Our commitment to inclusivity stands true. That’s why guests and friends of members, regardless of gender, will be welcome to visit. We believe that connecting with incredible individuals should never be restricted by boundaries.

What are a few things you like to do in Hong Kong when you’re not working?

When I’m not working at my desk or organising events for members, I love going on outdoor adventures like running and hiking. It’s important for me to take time away from screens to recharge and rejuvenate myself.

Quick questions about Hong Kong: what’s your favourite …

Restaurant? BRAZA Churrascaria.
Bar? The Daily Tot.
Local food? A tucked-away cha chaan teng in Gage Street, across from the 7-Eleven.
Nature spot? Mui Wo’s hidden hiking trails!
Thing to do with visitors? I’d start with the ferry ride to TST to see the whole harbour.
Thing to do with kids? Anything adventurous – taking them to the beach, kayaking, or any activity that involves some movement, from visiting museums to amusement parks!
Nearby holiday destination? Cebu or Thailand!

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