Keep linked with limitless complimentary Wi-Fi – now on all SIA flights


Since 1 July, all KrisFlyer customers on Singapore Airlines flights across the globe have begun to enjoy free access to in-flight Wi-Fi. This makes Singapore Airlines one of the first airlines in the world to offer complimentary Wi-Fi coverage at such scale. Whether you’d like to stay connected, be entertained or be productive, here are five great ways to enjoy this perk while you’re in the air.

1. For the last-minute trip-planner

The spontaneous souls among us might find themselves checking into a flight without having firm plans for accommodation or transport. For daring adventurers like this, having access to Wi-Fi on a flight lends you some extra time to book hotels and arrange airport transfers. With a few clicks, you can easily sort this out on popular booking platforms like Pelago and

Make final preparations for your holiday for a stress-free experience upon arrival. Photo: Shutterstock

2. For the busy bee

We get it: as much as we’d all like to disconnect from work, sometimes there are just a few pesky last to-dos standing between you and your getaway. This one’s for those among us who cannot rest until all’s sorted at the workplace – or at least, as much as it can be sorted. With free Wi-Fi, you’ll have access to the entire suite of Google productivity apps, not to mention your company’s team chat apps – so fire off any urgent messages you need to before you land.

Sort out last-minute work so you can disconnect completely when you land. Photo: Singapore Airlines

3. For some meditative me-time

Long-haul flights offer plenty of time to centre yourself and switch into a calm, holiday-ready mindset. Newcomers to meditation will be pleased to discover a wealth of apps that can help put you on the path to calmness, clarity and mindfulness. Apps like Ten Percent Happier and Headspace: Mindful Meditation offer extensive libraries of audio-guided meditation sessions tailored to your needs of the moment. Or check out apps like Calm, which are ideal for the in-flight insomniac.

For ease of convenience, please ensure you download these apps before boarding your flight.

Find your centre at 30,000 feet. Photo: Shutterstock

4. For the deal-savvy traveller

Another handy app for travelling is Singapore Airlines’ Kris+. Through the app, you can book discounted experiences overseas with Pelago as well as earn rewards by taking part in challenges. For Singapore residents returning home from your travels, there’s the added bonus of earning KrisPay miles when you book a cab home with CDG Zig.

5. For the social butterfly

Finally, perhaps the most exciting thing about free Wi-Fi on all Singapore Airlines flights is that it allows you to keep in touch with your loved ones. Whether through your favourite instant messaging service or popular social media apps like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you’ll always be a few clicks away from the people you love. This is also great if you’re looking to coordinate with your friends in your destination country and plan your upcoming adventure.

Swap memes and stay in touch with your favourite people while on your flight. Photo: Shutterstock

How to access free Wi-Fi on Singapore Airlines flights

To enjoy this service, ensure that you add your KrisFlyer number when making your booking, in the Manage Booking option via or the SingaporeAir mobile app, or at check-in.

Not yet a KrisFlyer member? Sign up for your free membership online here or via the SingaporeAir app. You can also do so on board your flight via the Digital Content Portal ( after you have connected to the “KrisWorld” network on your personal mobile device.

Learn more about Singapore Airlines’ unlimited complimentary Wi-Fi here.


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