Greatest Treadmills in Malaysia (2023 Record)



In a country known for its vibrant culture and bustling cities, treadmills offer a convenient and accessible solution to staying active, regardless of the weather or time constraints. From sleek, space-saving designs that fit seamlessly into urban homes to advanced models equipped with cutting-edge technology, treadmills in Malaysia cater to a diverse range of fitness goals and preferences. Whether you’re a beginner looking to kickstart your fitness routine or a seasoned athlete aiming for peak performance, the treadmill landscape in Malaysia has something for everyone. With an extensive variety of treadmills available in the market, which then is the best treadmill in Malaysia? In our Best of Fitness series, we have curated the latest 10 Best Treadmills in Malaysia, providing quality recommendations to suit your lifestyle and budget. 

Best Treadmills in Malaysia

1. GINTELL CyberTREK Pro Treadmill

GINTELL CyberTREK Pro Treadmill
GINTELL CyberTREK Pro Treadmill – Best Treadmills in Malaysia

Best of the best

Experience fitness with the GINTELL CyberTREK Pro. This exceptional treadmill stands as a shining star in treadmills in Malaysia. It features a top speed of 22 km/h, seamlessly accommodating elite athletes while offering 36 auto programs to cater to diverse fitness goals. What sets this treadmill apart is its noise-reducing running mat, allowing you to break a sweat at any hour. The convenience doesn’t stop there – its sleek, foldable design ensures your space remains uncluttered when the machine is not in use. It has an iPad and bottle holder, a built-in mp3 system to amplify your workout anthems, a cooling fan to keep you comfortable, and easy-moving wheels for seamless transport. 

Why buy this:
  • Best of the best
  • Up to 22km/h speed
  • 36 auto programs
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Foldable design
  • Convenient features

2. GINTELL CyberTrek Treadmill

GINTELL CyberTrek Treadmill
GINTELL CyberTrek Treadmill – Best Treadmills in Malaysia

The 1st i-Treker Technology

Revolutionise your treadmill experience in Malaysia with the GINTELL CyberTrek featuring cutting-edge i-Treker technology. Say goodbye to the frustration of inaccurate distance tracking – this treadmill’s intelligent sensor ensures precision in step counting, all visible on the HD LED touch panel that also grants control over settings. Its intelligent cushioning system covers your feet, legs, and joints, minimising impact during runs. Embrace entertainment during workouts through its Bluetooth connectivity and smart device USB charger, all while revelling in features like sound speakers, folding handles, and dedicated holders for your essentials. 

Why buy this:
  • First i-Treker technology
  • LED touch screen
  • ICS joint protection
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Smart USB device charger
  • Bottle and device holders

3. Vigor Fitness Treadmill

Vigor Fitness Treadmill
Vigor Fitness Treadmill – Best Treadmills in Malaysia

Top-quality home gym

This treadmill packs a punch with its 4.0 HorsePower engine, granting a 14.8km/h speed. It is ideal for intermediate and advanced runners seeking high-intensity training. Embark on virtual hikes with its 6 incline angles while the shock-absorbing 5-layer cushion system cushions impact by up to 40%, ensuring a low-noise, injury-preventing workout. Unleash your potential with its user-friendly control panel featuring a spacious 4.5-inch LCD screen, heart sensor, 12 preset programs, 3 customisable programs, and an AUX port for your tunes and dedicated phone and bottle holders for convenience. This treadmill is foldable with a soft hydraulic system and equipped with transport wheels, catering to a maximum weight of 120kg.

Why buy this:
  • High-quality home gym
  • Foldable design with soft hydraulic system
  • High horsepower with up to 14.8km/h
  • 6 inline angles
  • Shorb-absorbing and quiet surface

4. Fitness Concept Trax Trail Runner

Fitness Concept Trax Trail Runner
Fitness Concept Trax Trail Runner – Best Treadmills in Malaysia

12 programs and auto-lubrication 

The Fitness Concept Trax Trail Runner is a treadmill that combines ease of use, low maintenance, and space efficiency. With 12 preset programs and an auto lubrication system, this treadmill takes the hassle out of your workout routine. Its user-friendly assembly and compact folding design make it a perfect fit for any space. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned runner, its expansive running area and 6 multi-point absorption systems cater to all levels. Stay connected to your progress with its smart pulse sensor and infuse your cardio sessions with excitement by linking to your stereo. 

Why buy this:
  • 12 preset programs
  • Auto lubrication
  • Easy assembly and folding
  • Space-saving
  • Large running space

5. OGAWA Trek Pro T7.2 Lite Treadmill

OGAWA Trek Pro T7.2 Lite Treadmill
OGAWA Trek Pro T7.2 Lite Treadmill – Best Treadmills in Malaysia

Good for beginners

The OGAWA Trek Pro T7.2 Lite is a treadmill that intertwines 12 dynamic fitness programs. With a twin cushion and the allure of MP3 companionship. It is a seamless choice for those craving automated workout programs and an ideal stepping stone for beginners venturing into the fitness world. Developed to cater to all levels, its absorber and dual cushion system become your allies, guarding your knees while supercharging your strides. Sync your rhythm to the beat of your workout goals with MP3 compatibility. With a user-friendly control panel, effortlessly navigate menus and tweak settings, ensuring each workout flows without a hitch. 

Why buy this:
  • 12 fitness programs 
  • Double cushion system
  • MP3 compatibility
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Space-saving

6. GINTELL CyberTREK Sport Treadmill

GINTELL CyberTREK Sport Treadmill
GINTELL CyberTREK Sport Treadmill – Best Treadmills in Malaysia

Cloud Cushioning technology

Unlock a joint-friendly treadmill experience in Malaysia with the GINTELL CyberTREK Sport Treadmill, skillfully addressing the age-old concern of joint impact through its revolutionary Cloud Cushioning technology. The line-up of push-off, moderate, and impact cushioning collaborates to absorb 35% of the strain on your hips, knees, ankles, and joints, elevating your runs into an experience of comfort and safety. Amidst this, the Cloud Stabilization System lays the foundation for an even, plush running surface, extending your workout sessions. Tailored for beginners and beyond, its 14 km/h speed can be conveniently managed via the console display, height-adjustable to your preference

Why buy this:
  • Cloud Cushioning
  • Cloud Stabilization System
  • Console display
  • Height adjustable console
  • Slim design

7. Johnson Fitness Tempo T81

Johnson Fitness Tempo T81 - Best Treadmills in Malaysia
Johnson Fitness Tempo T81 – Best Treadmills in Malaysia

Thicker and longer running belt

Say goodbye to energy wastage with its energy-saver mode, amplifying your eco-conscious workouts. The convenience-driven EasyLift system simplifies storing the running belt during downtime. At the same time, the accessory area proves a handy spot for your phone or hydration companion. Its hushed motor system ensures that your runs won’t disrupt the peace of your home. Choose this product that speaks volumes – from an extended and plush running belt to energy efficiency, ease of storage, and a whisper-quiet motor – the Johnson Fitness Tempo T81 treadmill reshapes your fitness landscape.

Why buy this:
  • Thicker and longer running belt
  • Energy saver mode
  • EasyLift system
  • Accessory area
  • Quiet motor system

8. Xiaomi Kingsmith 2 In 1 Treadmill

Xiaomi Kingsmith 2 In 1 Treadmill
Xiaomi Kingsmith 2 In 1 Treadmill – Best Treadmills in Malaysia

Best space-saving

This treadmill transforms into a compact marvel, easily sliding into any corner or under your bed. For added convenience, rolling wheels facilitate effortless movement wherever you desire. Fold down the handrail, and it seamlessly transforms into an under-desk treadmill, maintaining a swift 6km/h pace – the perfect companion for balancing work and fitness. With control options ranging from remote operation and the KS Fit App to Auto Mode, your pace adapts to your preferences. Though its 1.5 horsepower might not cater to high-intensity workouts, it is enriched by an EVA cushioning deck that rivals the gym’s finest. 

Why buy this:
  • Space-saving and foldable
  • 3 modes to control the speed
  • EVA cushioning running deck 
  • Good value for money

9. Desire Gym Exercise Professional Treadmill TT600

Desire Gym Exercise Professional Treadmill TT600
Desire Gym Exercise Professional Treadmill TT600 – Best Treadmills in Malaysia

A more affordable space-saving option

The Desire Gym Exercise Professional Treadmill TT600 assures the quality of your workout journey. With its user-friendly design and cutting-edge features, this treadmill stands out in the world of fitness equipment. Featuring 3 incline-adjustable levels, it caters to various intensity levels, making your sessions challenging yet attainable. The screen indicates pulse rate, time, speed, calories burned, and distance, keeping you informed throughout your workout. You will find the perfect regimen to match your goals with 12 auto fitness programs meticulously designed for calorie burning, muscle toning, and endurance training

Why buy this:
  • 3 incline-adjustable levels
  • Screen indicator for pulse rate, time, speed, calories burned, distance
  • 12 auto fitness programs for calorie burning, muscle tones, endurance training

10. OEM Foldable Treadmill

OEM Foldable Treadmill - Best Treadmills in Malaysia
OEM Foldable Treadmill – Best Treadmills in Malaysia

Foldable manual treadmill with a fitness monitor 

Dive into a low-maintenance fitness solution that boasts an electricity-free design, fitness tracking finesse, ease of installation, and a foldable format – the OEM Foldable Treadmill redefines your fitness space. Equipped with a fitness monitor tracking time, speed, calories, and distance, this non-electrical wonder seamlessly combines performance with space-saving prowess. Effortless to assemble, its sturdy build can bear a remarkable 200kg load, fortified by buffer rubber that absorbs impact for a comfortable stride. 

Why buy this:
  • No electricity
  • Fitness monitor
  • Easy to install
  • Foldable


Which brand of treadmill is the best in Malaysia?

For high-quality treadmills, check out Gintell. Designed with the latest technology and programmes to help to improve your training, Gintell is one of the best brands for treadmills in Malaysia.

Where to buy a treadmill in Malaysia?

You used to only be able to buy a treadmill in Malaysia in retail stores, but now you can purchase them online for the ultimate convenience and even enjoy discounted prices! Lazada and Shopee are my go-to for fitness products. They are also great places to compare the prices of treadmills in Malaysia. 


We hope that our guide on the 10 Best Treadmills in Malaysia will help you to buy the best treadmill in Malaysia for your home. Do also read our other buying guides too. Please do share this along with your friends if you have found this useful. Do look forward to more buying guides that we will be releasing soon!



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