Hong Kong Passport Holders Should Get Authorisation To Journey To 30 European International locations, From 2024


Starting 2024, Hong Kong passport holders and 59 other nationals from countries already entitled to visa-free access for short-term stays to 30 European countries must get an ETIAS document before their travel.

ETIAS — or European Travel Information and Authorisation System — is an online document that will be used to keep a record of who enters and leaves the 27-nation Schengen zone and three other European countries: Cyrus, Ireland, and Romania.

Under this system, Hong Kong passport holders can enter these 30 countries for up to 90 days at a time within a 180-day period. The ETIAS is valid for up to three years or until a passport expires, whichever comes first. If an ETIAS-approved passport expires within this three-year period, a new ETIAS must be applied for.

# Countries
1 Austria
2 Belgium
3 Bulgaria
4 Croatia
5 Cyprus
6 Czech Republic
7 Denmark
8 Estonia
9 Finland
10 France
11 Germany
12 Greece
13 Hungary
14 Iceland
15 Italy
16 Latvia
17 Liechtenstein
18 Lithuania
19 Luxembourg
20 Malta
21 Netherlands
22 Norway
23 Poland
24 Portugal
25 Romania
26 Slovakia
27 Slovenia
28 Spain
29 Sweden
30 Switzerland
The 30 European countries that require ETIAS from 2024

Hong Kong ETIAS applicants need a valid HKSAR passport and must pay a €7 (HK60) application fee. However, those under 18 years old or over 70 years old do not have to pay the application fee. Applicants must also provide information such as personal details, current occupation, education level, and details about their planned travel and stay in any ETIAS countries.

While most applications will be approved within minutes, there may be instances in which the approval process will take longer — the minimum period being four days, and the maximum being 30 days. In such cases, authorities may request an applicant to provide additional documents or even attend an interview.

The ETIAS launch date has not yet been announced, and applications for the document are not available yet.

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