A Singapore Airways cabin crew member’s ardour for dance



Buchaechum is definitely more elegant and regal. It reminds me of ballet, where the dancers look so effortless. But it was actually hard work trying to look poised while holding up the heavy fans, and doing my best not to trip on the full-length dress!” she recalls. “In comparison, K-Pop dance is more lively and energetic, and the artist’s individuality is expressed through the dance and song. It’s a whole artistic presentation on its own.”

It was a hugely memorable experience for Pin, who has dabbled in various dance forms – from ballet and Latin ballroom dancing to street dance – ever since she was five. “I don’t like being defined by a single movement style. Each genre I’ve crossed paths with has taught me something unique and made me the dancer that I am today,” she reflects. “I want to be able to move with the strengths I’ve picked up from each style.” 



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