Largest Bak Chang Information 2023 Singapore & Greatest Rice Dumplings for Dragonboat Pageant



Biggest Bak Chang Guide 2023 Singapore & Best Rice Dumplings for Dragonboat Festival

Dumpling Festival 2023, also known as Dragonboat Festival or Duan Wu Jie (端午节) in Chinese, falls on the 22nd of June 2022 – the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. Although the Dumpling Festival is not a public holiday in Singapore, this is the time that families and friends come together to enjoy exquisitely handmade sticky rice dumplings or zongzi (粽子). Traditionally, there are 3 types of rice dumplings:

  • Nyonya – Often has a blue tip. The interior features minced meat.
  • Hokkien – Juicier than the Nyonya rice dumpling due to the presence of pork belly brimming with fat. The juices get absorbed by the rice.
  • Sweet – Filled with various beans, nuts, dates or simply just the sticky rice and nothing else. Also called kee chang. Vegetarian-friendly.

If you were to choose to buy your rice dumplings from hotels and Chinese restaurants, expect luxurious ingredients such as scallops, abalone and even duck. This year, a couple of outlets have introduced some unique flavors. Many of the bak chang listed below for Dumpling Festival 2023 are available not just for takeaway but also for delivery. Here is a list of the best rice dumplings being sold this year:

InterContinental Singapore

intercontinental singapore bak chang 2022 (source: intercontinental singapore)

*TOP PICK* Man Fu Yuan at InterContinental Singapore ushers in the Dragon Boat Festival with a number of new flavors of rice dumplings including gift bundles encased in limited edition dumpling carriers. The Mastery Bundle (S$108.80) includes 5 dumplings as well as a Tie Guan Yin tea canister. A new variation this year is the Cured Kurobuta Pork with Sambal Dried Shrimp Dumpling (S$24.80). Weighing 300g, this dumpling is brimming with chunks of kurobuta pork, dried shrimps and trumpet mushrooms. Another interesting creation is the Smoked Duck with Yunnan Black Gold Garlic Rice Dumpling ($22.80). This round dumpling features signature smoked duck and is shaped like garlic to symbolize the prized garlic within the dumpling.

Dates: Now until 22nd June 2023

Order here (use the exclusive promo code: IWANDERICS for super early bird discount of 25% for selected items if you place orders by 21st May 2023)

Kim Choo Kueh Chang

kim choo kueh chang

kim choo kueh chang (source: kim choo)

Kim Choo Kueh Chang (金珠肉粽) is one of the most popular places to shop for rice dumplings. They sell bak chang year-round in their main store at East Coast Road in Katong. Their products can be categorized roughly into Nyonya Chang where they have pork, vegetarian and chicken while their Salty Chang comes in salty egg, XO traditional and chili. 

Dates: Ongoing

Order here (up to 12% off)

Yuen Chen Siang

yuen chen siang rice dumpling

yuen chen siang rice dumpling (source: yuen chen siang)

Those craving for rice dumplings from Malaysia – particularly Southern Malaysia – can now order them online for delivery straight to your doorstep. One of the popular brands that offer this service is Yuen Chen Siang (源珍香) which originates from Muar in Johor. Popular flavors include the Traditional Rice Dumpling (S$24.83 for 3), Red Bean Rice Dumpling (S$13.5) and Vegan Rice Dumpling (S$112.42 for 2). Those who have ordered the traditional dumpling in particular have noted the leaner cut of meat used. 

As these rice dumplings come from Malaysia, deliveries take about 1 to 2 weeks to arrive so plan ahead if you want it to reach you by Dumpling Festival.

Dates: Ongoing

Order here (free delivery with minimum order of S$15)

Love Dumplings

love dumplings bak chang (source: love dumplings)

Love Dumplings is a home-based business primarily selling rice dumplings. Having been financially affected by the pandemic, they started the business in mid-2020 to positive reviews, with customers coming back for repeat orders. Aside from their Kiam Bak Chang (starts from S$60 for 10pcs), they are also selling Mini Kee Chang (from S$20 for 10pcs). 

Dates: Ongoing

Order here (S$8 delivery fee, free delivery with min S$150 order)

Xiang Ye

Xiang Ye started over a decade ago with a modest store in Chai Chee and has now grown into one of the most popular outlets for rice dumplings or bak chang. They are known for their value-for-money proposition with a set of 10pcs going for as low as S$19.99 with choices such as Nyonya, Hokkien and Salted Egg. Customers can also mix and match up to 2 kinds (i.e. 5 pcs of each flavor for a set of 10).

Dates: Ongoing

Order here (S$4.99 delivery fee)

SMH Food Group

smh nyonya rice dumpling

smh nyonya rice dumpling (source: smh food group)

SMH has been a long time supplier of Chinese snack items, particularly dimsum, to major supermarkets, hotels and convenience stores the past few decades. Those who shop in Fairprice or Sheng Shiong supermarkets in the heartlands might have encountered their roadshows. They are known for their frozen siu mai, bao and gyoza among others. For Dumpling Festival 2021, they are rolling out the Lotus Leaf Chicken Dumpling with Purple Rice (S$10.80 for 4pcs), Lotus Leaf Nyonya Chicken Dumpling (S$10.60 for 4pcs) and Lotus Leaf Red Bean Dumpling (S$9.80 for 4pcs). The rice dumplings from SMH Food Group are delivered in frozen form where they have a shelf life of up to 12 months.

Dates: Ongoing

Order here (free delivery with minimum order of S$80)

Yong Le Dumplings

yong le rice dumplings (source: yong le)

Yong Le is a food manufacturer based in Jurong that specializes in various types of dumplings. For dragonboat festival, they are offering Salted Egg Yolk and Pork Dumplings (S$11 per bundle) which are delivered frozen. Each bundle consists of 2 pieces of dumplings and each dumpling weighs approximately 180 grams.

Dates: Ongoing

Order here (free delivery with minimum S$45 order) 

Gin Thye

gin thye bak chang (source: gin thye)

Noted baker Gin Thye is also offering rice dumplings for dragonboat festival 2022. They are selling the dumplings in bundles of 8 pieces with 2 different flavors to choose from – Salty Bak Chang (S$39.90) and Nyonya Chang (S$39.90). The dumplings are delivered frozen.

Dates: Ongoing

Order here (free delivery with minimum order of S$45)

Gim Tim

gim tim rice dumpling 2023 (source: gim tim)

Popular Chinese restaurant Gim Tim is selling its rice dumplings frozen with two flavors to choose from. The Gim Tim Traditional Conpoy Rice Dumpling (S$5.63) comes with conpoy, salted egg, dried oyster, chestnut, dried shrimps, mushroom and pork. The Gim Tim Traditional Nyonya Rice Dumpling (S$5.63) comes with mushroom, candied melon and minced pork. Orders are available for delivery or pick-up at the restaurant located in Ang Mo Kio.

Dates: Ongoing

Order here (delivery from S$5 per location)


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