“Hey Hong Kong”: Cathay’s Free Ticket Giveaway For Mainland China & Higher Bay Space Begins On April 17


Cathay Pacific will use lucky draws to give free airline tickets to Mainland Chinese and Greater Bay Area residents, as part of the Hello Hong Kong campaign. According to the World of Winners website, which has details of the Hong Kong’s 500,000 free airline ticket giveaway, the lucky draws will begin on April 17 and run until April 30.

Tourists from Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Xiamen and other cities in Mainland China can take part in the lucky draw from April 17-23. There is a separate lucky draw for residents from the Greater Bay Area – who can win tickets to more than 40 overseas destinations via Hong Kong International Airport – from April 24-30.

Earlier this month, Cathay Pacific distributed 80,000 free economy round-trip airline tickets to visitors from South East Asian countries, such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Hong Kong Airlines also gave 6,000 tickets to travellers from Hanoi, Manila and Bangkok.

Greater Bay Airlines will begin its ticket giveaways for Seoul in May and Taipei in July, while HK Express will begin its campaign in April.

Header image credits: Dltl2010 via WikiCommons

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