Hong Kong Airways Provides Away 6,000 Free Tickets To Hong Kong From South East Asia Earlier than March 15


Hong Kong Airlines is giving away 6,000 free round-trip economy tickets to Hong Kong from three cities in Southeast Asia as part of the government’s Hello Hong Kong campaign. Travellers can win tickets from Bangkok, Hanoi, and Manila to the SAR on a first-come-first-served basis by participating in the airlines’ Click & Go initiative.

Phase 1 of the Click & Go scheme will run till March 15, and the winners can use the tickets between March 1 and October 26, 2023. Hong Kong Airlines will give the tickets away based on the following schedule:

Bangkok-Hong Kong April 17-May 31 600
Bangkok-Hong Kong June 1-June 27 400
Bangkok-Hong Kong June 28-September 3 400
Bangkok-Hong Kong September 4-October 26 600
Hanoi-Hong Kong March 1-May 31 1,000
Hanoi-Hong Kong June 1-October 26 1,000
Manila-Hong Kong March 1-May 31 1,000
Manila-Hong Kong June 1-October 26 1,000
The schedule of the Hong Kong Airlines giveaway

Each traveller can only win one ticket, which can only be used for a trip that is between two days and seven days long. Passengers aged below two years old are not eligible for a Click & Go ticket, while those between two and 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

Cathay Pacific has also started its Southeast Asia 80,000 free ticket giveaway, which will run till March 24. HK Express, which is the third airline participating in the World of Winners campaign, will begin its giveaway in April.

Header image credits: N509FZ via WikiCommons

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