Larger Bay Airways Will Additionally Give Away Tickets To Vacationers From Taipei & Seoul To Go to Hong Kong Beginning From Might 2023



Greater Bay Airlines is joining the Hong Kong government’s 500,000 free airline ticket giveaway campaign, World of Winners, which is part of the city’s Hello Hong Kong initiative. The airline will distribute free round-trip tickets to tourists to Hong Kong from Taipei and Seoul, starting May 2023.

The airline will distribute its first round of tickets to visitors from Taipei in May, and will follow this up with a giveaway to travellers from Seoul in July. Greater Bay Airlines will update its website with more information, such as about how tourists can win their tickets to the SAR and how many tickets are available to them.

Cathay Pacific earlier announced its 80,000 ticket giveaway to tourists from South East Asia, which will run until March 24. Hong Kong Airlines is running a first-come-first-served campaign for travellers from Bangkok, Hanoi, and Manila to win 6,000 tickets to Hong Kong until March 15. HK Express will kick off its free-tickets scheme in April.

Header image credits: Leung Cho Pan via Canva

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