“Hiya Hong Kong”: Cathay’s 80,000 Free Ticket Giveaway For Southeast Asia Begins On March 1


Cathay Pacific announced that it will give away 80,000 free tickets to visitors from South East Asia, starting March 1, as part of the government’s Hello Hong Kong campaign. Tourists from Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Cambodia can win free economy round-trip tickets to Hong Kong until March 24.

Residents in these countries need to follow a two-step process to be part of the giveaway. They must either be a Cathay member or sign up for free membership on the airline’s website. Then, they should answer three questions correctly and the fastest to do so are eligible for the tickets. Announcements about the winners will be made depending on which country they live in.

The tickets will be available according to the following schedule:

Thailand March 1-7 17,400
Singapore March 2-8 12,500
Philippines March 3-9 20,400
Indonesia March 15-21 11,510
Malaysia March 16-22 7,000
Vietnam March 17-23 8,800
Cambodia March 18-24 2,390
Cathay Pacific’s ticket giveaway schedule

Cathay Pacific tickets for visitors from Mainland China will be available in April, while those for travellers from North East Asia and other countries will be given away in May. The other airlines participating in the campaign are HK Express, which will begin its giveaway in April, and Hong Kong Airlines.

For details about Cathay Pacific’s giveaway, visit its World of Winners website.

Header image credits: Pavliha via Canva


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