Finest CNY Goodies 2023 Singapore With Fashionable Cookies, Nian Gao, Radish Cake and Different Snacks for Yr of the Rabbit


Best CNY Goodies 2023 Singapore With Popular Cookies, Nian Gao, Radish Cake and Other Snacks for Year of the Rabbit

Whether presented as gifts or left at home as snacks to offer guests, delectable goodies usually come to define CNY celebrations at home. These snacks are undoubtedly good to eat but there is actually a reason why people mainly have them during Chinese New Year. There are many popular CNY goodies and snacks and these are the major ones:

  • Pineapple tarts – In Hokkien, pineapples are called “ong lai” which also means “luck is coming.” Because of this, pineapples are frequently displayed in homes during the Lunar New Year period and pineapple tarts / balls are frequently eaten or given as gifts as a means of bringing in the luck. You can check out my more detailed guide on this topic here.
  • BBQ pork – This is probably the most sought after goodie to try during CNY, especially in Singapore. Although available year round, strips of BBQ pork are most popular during Chinese New Year because of their red color, symbolizing luck. This tasty snack also originated as an expensive food item and as such, people consume them during this period to signify prosperity for the coming year. You can check out my separate guide on the best BBQ pork to try in Singapore.
  • Nian gao – Literally translated as the “year cake,” nian gao is usually eaten during Chinese New Year because its sticky and glutinous quality is traditionally believed in Chinese mythology to seal the Kitchen God’s mouth shut. Offering nian gao keeps him from badmouthing you to the Jade Emperor in his annual CNY report. 
  • Shrimp rolls – Cylindrical-shaped snacks such as shrimp rolls are also popular during Chinese New Year. Their golden color coupled with the cylindrical shape are akin to gold bars and as such, symbolize wealth.
  • Radish cake – This savory goodie is another popular food to eat during CNY because its Hokkien name (“chai tow”) sounds similar to the Hokkien word for prosperity and rising fortunes.

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Ding Bakery

ding bakery cny goodies

ding bakery cny goodies (source: ding bakery)

Ding Bakery offers homemade CNY Goodies that are handcrafted with their unique recipe and using premium ingredients. Since launching online a few years ago, they have been getting good momentum during each passing Chinese New Year period, leading to over 80k happy customers last year. For CNY 2023, they are back with more unique flavors. 

Aside from their signature pineapple balls, they are also offering the whole gamut of goodies and cookies including their signature Premium Hae Bee Hiam (S$15.90), Melt-in-your-Mouth Kueh Bangkit (S$16.50), White Sesame Folded Love Letters (S$15.90), Crispy Ma La Fish Skin (S$18.90) and more. For CNY 2023, watch out for some innovative snacks such as their Melt-In-Your-Mouth Taro Blueberry Ball (S$18.30), Crispy Salted Egg Crab Stick (S$18.90), Premium Pumpkin Seeds Florentine (S$18.90) and more.

Dates: Ongoing

Delivery: Free delivery for orders of S$100 and above

Order here

Home’s Favourite

home's favourite cny goodies

home’s favourite cny goodies (source: home’s favourite)

Home’s Favourite offers literally the entire gamut of CNY goodies for all your gifting and hosting needs, from Butter Cookies (S$32.80) that come in flavors like Milo Dinosaur, Macadamia Nut, Acai Cranberry and Espresso to Almond Cookies ($32.80). Among all brands, they are the only one I’ve encountered to have a durian-tinged Mao Shan Wang Love Letters (S$43.80) which is sure to impress your durian-loving visitors during the CNY period. For gifting needs, they also have attractively-packaged Chinese New Year hampers that start from S$98.

Dates: Ongoing

Delivery: Free with minimum spend of S$45

Order here

Pineapple Tarts Singapore

cny goodies from pineapple tarts singapore (source: pineapple tarts singapore)

At Pineapple Tarts Singapore, all their products are 100% homemade and handmade using only the finest ingredients to ensure they taste good. Their CNY goodies are freshly baked and delivered to your door step. Contrary to their name, they offer much more than just pineapple tarts, with CNY goodies such as Kueh Bangkit (S$14.90), Traditional Love Letters (S$16.90), Premium Almond Cookies (S$18.90) and more.

Dates: Ongoing

Delivery: Free delivery for orders of S$100 and above

Order here

Wang Lai Bakery

cny cookies from wang lai bakery

cny cookies from wang lai bakery (source: wang lai bakery)

Preserving a traditional recipe passed down for 4 generations in the family, extraordinary efforts have been taken to constantly tweak and improve the family recipes to be as close as possible to perfection. Each goodie is lovingly handcrafted and plenty of attention is given to every single detail of its construction. 

Celebrate this festive celebration with our premium and affordable CNY goodies. We promise that you will only be receiving the best, in both taste and prices.  

Dates: Ongoing

Delivery: Free delivery for orders of S$100 and above

Order here

Baker’s Brew

cny goodies from baker's brew

cny goodies from baker’s brew (source: baker’s brew)

Baker’s Brew’s CNY goodies for 2023 takes on the theme of Peranakan nostalgia, invoking memories from years past with their traditional flavors as well as striking and colorful packaging. For the Year of the Rabbit, savor the flavors of their Ondeh Ondeh Cookies (S$28.80) – their bestseller inspired by the traditional kueh. These soft and flavorful cookies are made with pandan-infused dough and filled with a substantial amount of gula Melaka coconut filling. A unique offering from Baker’s Brew is their Pineapple Bak Kwa Cookies (S$28.80). Each butter biscuit is stuffed with quality Thai pineapple paste and traditional bak kwa for a deliciously savory and sweet combo. Baker’s Brew is also selling their CNY goodies as a bundle of 3 for S$86, with 1 tin each of the Ondeh Ondeh Cookies, Pineapple Bak Kwa Cookies and Peanut Almond Cookies.

Dates: From 12th December 2022 onwards

Delivery: TBA

Order here (from 12th December 2022 onwards. Use promo code: BBSCNYxIWANDER8 for 8% off)


irvins prosperity box

irvins prosperity box (source: irvins)

Fulfill the saying “年年有余” with Irvins’ Festive Box (S$19.90), packaged in an attractive gift box. Each box contains an assortment of Irvins’ dangerously addictive snacks – 1x Salted Egg Potato Chips (50grams), 1x Salted Egg Fish Skin (50grams), 1x Salted Egg Salmon Skin (50grams) and 1x Truffle Potato Chips (50grams). 

Dates: Ongoing

Delivery: Free delivery for orders of S$30 and above

Order here (12.12 sale ongoing)

Mdm Ling Bakery

mdm ling purple potato cny cookies

mdm ling cny cookies (source: mdm ling bakery)

Cookies are the mainstay of Mdm Ling Bakery and for Chinese New Year 2023, they are offering a number of creatively made versions of the CNY staples. Popular variants include New Zealand’s Premium Anchor Butter Cookies (S$20.10 / 220grams), Pink Himalayan Salt Chocolate Almond Cookies (S$20.10 / 260 grams) and Green Pea Cookies (S$17.90 / 330 grams). 

Dates: Ongoing

Delivery: Free delivery with minimum S$45 order

Order here 

Gin Thye

marshmallow cookies

marshmallow cookies (source: gin thye)

Gin Thye’s Marshmallow Cookies (S$15) is personally one of the more tempting CNY goodies I have come across this year. Offered plain or with flavors such as strawberry and matcha, this handmade gooey snack is sure to draw some attention during house visits within the Lunar New Year period. Other popular products from Gin Thye include their Shrimp Rolls (S$13.80), Honeycomb Cookies (S$5) and more.

Dates: Ongoing

Delivery: Free delivery with minimum order of S$15 CNY goodies

Order here 

Bake Inc

cny prawn rolls

cny prawn rolls (source: bake inc)

Bake Inc can be thought of as a one-stop and fuss-free venue to purchase all the necessary CNY tidbits with its wide range and wallet-friendly prices. In total, they have about 18 kinds of festive tidbits and cookies to offer this year! Bestsellers include their Kueh Bahulu (S$21.80) and Traditional Love Letters (S$22.80).

Dates: Ongoing

Delivery: Flat rate of S$7.50

Order here

Hipster Bakes

crispy shrimp roll from hipster bakes

crispy shrimp roll from hipster bakes (source: hipster bakes)

Hipster Bakes started as a home-based one-product bakery – known for their moustache shaped sugar cookies. They have since moved to offering other products such as cookies to cakes, tarts, macarons and many more. In 2015, they opened their first retail outlet in Siglap Centre. Their Crispy Prawn Rolls (S$8) and Salted Egg Yolk Cookies (S$20) attract a steady following for both CNY and Hari Raya.

Dates: Ongoing

Delivery: Free with minimum S$50

Order here

Xin Yong Sheng

almond cookies from xin yong sheng

almond cookies from xin yong sheng (source: xin yong sheng)

Xin Yong Sheng was founded in 1952 as a neighborhood pastry shop – which they remain to this day. For the coming Year of the Rabbit, they are selling Macadamia Nut Cookies (S$25.80, bundle of 2 flavors) encased in tins. Other interesting flavors from them include Coconut Crispy Roll (S$2.90), Almond Cookies (S$8.90) and more.

Dates: Ongoing

Delivery: Free delivery with minimum order of S$45

Order here

Liu Mama

Enjoy JB’s famed CNY goodies without making the trip across the causeway. Liu Mama’s range of cookies and other snacks are available online. The likes of their Black Sesame Cookies (S$30), Matcha Almond Cookies (S$30) and Japanese Sweet Potato Cookies (S$30) are available at a discount for early-bird buyers at the moment. 

Dates: Ongoing

Delivery: Free delivery with minimum order of S$15

Order here


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