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A home to beautiful nature scenery from beach, waterfall to mountains, Bali is also home to vibrant cafes. From refreshing garden, beautiful terraces overlooking rice fields and hills up to a relaxing co-working area, cafes in Bali are always perfect to chill the day away. That’s not to mention they have amazing coffee and foods as well. With an extensive variety of cafes available in the island, which then is the best cafe in Bali? In our Best of Travel series, we have curated the latest 10 Best Cafes in Bali, providing quality recommendations to suit your lifestyle and budget. For the ultimate guides, also check out our best Nusa Dua and Canggu restaurants recommendations!

This article was last updated on 29 November 2022

10 Best Cafe in Bali

1. Deus Ex Machina Cafe

Deus Ex Machina Cafe - cafe

Also known as the Temple of Enthusiasm, Deus Ex Machina Cafe is where art and fine cuisine collides. It’s more than just a cafe; there’s also a concept store, motorcycle workshop, tattoo parlour, photography studio, surfboard shaping and many more. It’s a great place if you love motorcycle-inspired arts, but even if you’re not, Deus Ex Machina Cafe serves great foods and drinks at affordable prices. 

The space is big and wide, comprising various sections including a live music and entertainment area and quiet corners for more intimate conversation. The menu is extensive, from Indonesia to international favourites, all are served by Indonesian Chef Pak Eko.

2. 9/11 Cafe and Concept Store

9/11 Cafe and Concept Store - cafe

Blessed with an excellent 4.5-star rating from over 2,000 Google reviews, 9/11 Cafe and Concept Store is locals and digital nomads’ favourite cafe in Denpasar. The cafe ambiance is relaxing, combining industrial and nature-inspired decor while also offering high-quality coffee and delectable foods. Divided into an indoor and outdoor area, the cafe is also laptop-friendly with plugs available in almost every table. On top of that, there’s also a barbershop and concept store for customers to shop. Like its name, the cafe is open from 9am to 11pm.

3. Cafe Sardinia

Cafe Sardinia - cafe

Located in Kuta’s famous beachfront’s Beachwalk Mall, Cafe Sardinia is a casual and relaxing cafe serving seafood based on Italian cuisine. Offering a nice indoor area and a refreshing outdoor section overlooking the ocean and the lively street of Kuta, the menu here features all-time Italian favourites including tapas, pizza and oyster dishes, all using only the freshest ingredients. And if you want to chill away the day, they have a wide range of Italian espressos and an extensive wine list to accompany.

4. Cinta Cafe

Cinta Cafe - cafe

Canggu is known for its lively cafe and nightlife culture. But if you want to just chill and relax, head down to Cinta Cafe to enjoy the peaceful view of rice fields, feel the cool breeze and listen to the sounds of birds. 

‘Cinta’, meaning ‘Love’ in Indonesian, offers a simple and down-to-earth menu without sacrificing the integrity of cooking methods, ranging from Indonesian to international favourites. Using only fresh and organic ingredients, their chefs do everything from scratch, from roasting coffee beans or chilli flakes to making bread and jams. The menu is diverse, catering to the needs of vegan to meat-eaters. 

It’s a great place to dine and hangout with family and friends, with a children’s playground available for those who come with their kids.

5. Zin Cafe Canggu

Zin Cafe Canggu - cafe

Just two minutes stroll from stunning Canggu beach is ZIN Cafe, a bright and breezy venue spread out over 4 open plan floors with a beautiful nature-inspired wooden decor – a true Balinise vibe. ZIN is a work-friendly cafe, offering a free coworking space, organic high-grade Indonesian coffee beans and delicious meals. The menu features Asian and Mediterranean favourites and Spanish tapas, with an open air full bar for cocktails and an indoor ‘focus room’ available, too. In addition, ZIN can also host private events with a capacity for up to 85 people.

6. Honey & Bread Cafe

Honey & Bread Cafe - cafe

For a cake and tea time, head to Honey & Bread Cafe at Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai. A perfect place to enjoy ‘sweet moments’ from breakfast to dinner, the cafe offers an extensive choice of cookies, pastries, and beautifully presented tea in a pot. The friendly, relaxing ambiance – vintage style chairs and tables, flooring in natural earth tone and nature-inspired decor full of plants – makes it an ideal place for tea time with friends, family or loved ones. Dishes here are worth ordering, too, with bestsellers including black pepper beef, spaghetti carbonara and smoked duck spring rolls, as well as an Indonesian-style dessert: es puter.

7. Bee Cafe Ubud

Bee Cafe Ubud - cafe

Located in a stunning Bee House Dijiwa Ubud – a resort known for its rice field surroundings, pool lagoon and beehive-inspired bamboo houses – Bee Cafe offers a relaxing escape in an already beautiful area of Ubud. Built with the Wantilan Subak (Balinese irrigation community house) in mind, the cafe is also a place where all local farmers will gather to rest and eat after working, which is a great place to really enjoy authentic Balinese experience and blend with locals. Apart from offering delectable local cuisine, Bee Cafe also offers a unique selection of cocktails, including Jamu Kuat (Indonesian male energy drink) and Rujak Lalah.

8. Cafe Coach

Cafe Coach - cafe

Cafe Coach is more than just a cafe; it’s a community. Offering a homey atmosphere and warming hospitality, Cafe Coach is dedicated to provide a social gathering venue and needs of fitness and wellness coaches, therapists, healers and personal development junkies alike. It’s a great place to chill and talk while savouring the best of Australian and Indonesian cuisine prepared in healthy manners, using healthy ingredients. In addition, there’s also a complimentary workshop every Thursday at 5PM.

9. Lopodo Cafe and Catering

Lopodo Cafe and Catering - cafe

Lopodo Cafe and Catering is a refreshing cafe serving international cuisine and great coffee at affordable prices. From tasty steak and nicely cooked beef to pastas and pizzas, as well as a 3-course menu, the foods here are made from the best locally fresh ingredients cooked by the best local chefs. 

As its name suggests, Lopodo also offers a catering service for events and weddings – they have a 5-star review on Bride Story – as well as private chef services and monthly catering service for digital nomads.

10. Goro Goro Cafe and Kitchen

Goro Goro Cafe and Kitchen - cafe

An underrated foodie destination, this teeny-tiny cafe is a hidden gem near Sanur Beach. Offering Japanese cuisine, their best offerings are homemade Japanese curry and onigiri, but Indonesian dishes with Japanese twists are also available. 

But Goro Goro isn’t just a place to eat and drink coffee. Offering a tranquil ambiance in the afternoon, with plenty of books to read on the spot, the cafe turns to a friendly-atmosphere in the evening with live jazz music to accompany.



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