19 Finest Christmas Log Truffles 2022 Singapore For Supply & Takeaway


Desserts are an essential part of any festive dinner table and no other sweet treat is more evocative of the Christmas season than log cakes. Dessert chefs are known to be very competitive by rolling out highly creative pastries each year. It might still be quite early for Christmas but a few bakers in Singapore have already started rolling out their log cake selections for 2022. Without further ado, here is the list for the year – I will update it as and when more brands come online with their offerings.

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Baker’s Brew

baker's brew log cake

baker’s brew log cake (source: baker’s brew)

Baker’s Brew presents a most exquisite Hazelnut Rocher Yule Log Cake (S$48.80) for Christmas 2022. Measuring 19cm in length, this classic chocolate yule log is filled with hazelnut mousse, generously coated with milk chocolate and almonds, topped with dollops of praline whipped cream and finished off with festive Christmas toppers. Those who love a good old rich chocolate cake won’t be disappointed here. The cake also comes packaged in a sleek festive box – a good option for gifting.

Dates: Now until 22nd December 2022

Delivery: From S$15 per order

Order here (use the promo code: BBSxiwander10 for 10% off log cake orders)


log cake from emicakes

log cake from emicakes (source: emicakes)

*Lowest Priced* Pre-orders are available for Emicakes’ log cakes. For Christmas 2022, they are offering three types of flavors: the D24 which features durian in a chiffon filling, Black Forest with chocolate mousse and sweetened cherries and Salted Caramel with white chocolate salted caramel and crushed caramel cookies rolled in a chiffon. Their log cakes are 20cmx9.5cmx7.5cm, weigh 800 grams and are good for 5 to 8 persons. For this size, these are among the cheapest branded log cakes I’ve encountered this year, with prices starting from just S$34.90. Custom greetings and candles are also provided, upon request.

Dates: Ongoing

Delivery: S$3.99 delivery fee

Order here (up to 38% off)

tcc (The Connoisseur Concerto)

christmas log cake from tcc

christmas log cake from tcc (source: tcc)

tcc is offering a number of log cakes for Christmas 2022. Highlights include the Mango Mousse Log Cake (S$62.92) which features creamy mango mousse in a spongy cake; the Red Velvet Walnut Log Cake (S$62.92) which blends the familiar flavors of red velvet with the nutty profile of walnut as well as the Chocolate Mousse Log Cake (S$73.62). All of tcc’s log cakes weigh 1kg. 

Dates: Ongoing (delivery starts 1st December)

Delivery: Free delivery for orders above S$45

Order here


durian log cake from parkroyal collection marina bay

durian log cake (source: parkroyal collection marina bay)

The log cake selection from PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay is a feast of colors and flavors, from the rainbow-like Raspberry Pistachio Log Cake (S$75), a medley of raspberry mousse, pistachio sponge, raspberry confit and pistachio crémeux. For durian lovers, there’s the Mao Shan Wang Durian Mousse Log Cake (S$88) which comes with rich Mao Shan Wang durian mousse and vanilla sponge. For something citrusy, the Sudachi Pear Log Cake (S$75) entices with sudachi citrus mousse, yuzu crémeux, vanilla pear compote and almond breton biscuits.

Dates: Now to 26th December 2022

Delivery: Free delivery for orders above S$45

Order here (20% discount + 11.11 deal)

Gin Thye

gin thye log cake

gin thye log cake (source: gin thye)

Gin Thye is currently offering an Ondeh Ondeh Christmas Log Cake (S$28/38). Filled with the mild flavor of pandan and gula melaka, the cake is also topped by 4 mini Christmas decorations. Other flavors from Gin Thye this year include the Orange Peel Chocolate Christmas Log Cake (from S$28/38) and Lychee Martini Christmas Log Cake (from S$28/38) which likewise come with 4 pieces of mini Christmas decor. The log cakes from Gin Thye come in 2 sizes – 500 grams or 1kg.

Dates: Ongoing

Delivery: Free delivery with no minimum spend

Order here

Capitol Kempinski Hotel

christmas log cake from capitol kempinski

log cake from capitol kempinski 2022 (source: the hotel)

Capitol Kempinski’s Chocolate Yule Log Cake (S$98) is baked with orange marmalade, milk chocolate ganache, Valrhona dulcey crunchy pearls and weighs 1kg. For something less traditional, you can also check out their Christmas Wreath Cake (S$98) which comes with cranberry, sour cream, rosemary and topped with cream cheese frosting.

Dates: Until 25th December 2022

Delivery: Free with minimum S$45 spend

Order here

Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong


baba chews log cake

baba chews log cake 2022 (source: hotel indigo katong singapore)

For a local flair, check out Baba Chew’s Butterfly Pea Coconut with Osmanthus and Longan Log Cake. This 1kg pastry is loaded with creamy coconut puree, refreshing longan and fresh osmanthus whipped cream. Alternatively, the Macadamia White Chocolate Passion Log Cake is a whimsical creation of white chocolate couvertures, passionfruit purée and nutty macadamia paste.

Dates: Now to 30th December 2022

Delivery: Free delivery with minimum order of S$45

Order here

Simple Indulgence Patisserie

Simple Indulgence Patisserie is a bakeshop located near Jalan Besar that specializes in custom-made cakes and seasonal bakes. For Christmas 2022, they are notably offering gluten-free options, such as with their Low GI Valrhona Dark Chocolate Christmas Log (S$105). This rich chocolate sponge creation is made with all natural ingredients and do not come with baking soda and other additives. If gluten is not a restriction, you can check out their Japanese Yuzu White Chocolate Log (S$95) which comes frosted with yuzu white chocolate ganache. 

Dates: Ongoing

Delivery: S$1.49 per order

Order here

Annabella Patisserie

annabella patisserie log cake

annabella patisserie log cake (source; annabella patisserie)

Annabella Patisserie launches 3 halal-certified log cake flavors for Christmas 2022. Topping the list is their Salted Caramel Log Cake (from S$137.60) – a soft vanilla sponge cake filled with chantily cream and salted caramel. For traditionalists, the Chocolate Log Cake (from S$137.60) is sure to impress with the soft chocolate sponge cake frosted with whipped chocolate ganache and covered with rich dark chocolate ganache. For those who prefer smaller sizes, the Chocolate Truffle Log Cake (from S$91.60) weighs 500grams (as opposed to the 1kg size of the others). All their log cakes allow for the insertion of custom greetings/messages for a small supplement.

Dates: Ongoing

Delivery: Free delivery with minimum S$45 spend

Order here


swensen's log cake

swensen’s log cake (source: swensen’s)

Swensen’s presents its range of ice cream log cakes for Christmas 2022. Bestsellers include the Enchanted Christmas Holiday Ice Cream Cake (S$59) – black forest ice cream and chocolate ice cream with dark cherries on top as well as the Santa’s Secret Ice Cream Cake (S$59) which is comprised of rocky road and salted butterscotch crumble topped with chocolate balls and almonds. Both log cakes weigh 1kg grams.

Dates: Ongoing

Delivery: Standard shipping fee of S$1.98

Order here

Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza 

singapore marriott tang plaza log cake (source: the hotel)

Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza will once again offer its popular Signature Chocolate Fudge Log Cake (S$40/70). The cake comes with a soft and pillowy chocolate sponge and silky mousse wrapped in a layer of luscious chocolate frosting. It is available in 2 sizes – 500 grams and 1kg. For fruity options, check out the Hojicha Rum Chestnut Pear Log Cake (S$72). I have personally tried this cake and I love how they use fresh pears and poach them in Hojicha to amplify the bold and nutty flavor. Alternatively, they are also offering the Ruby Berry Hibiscus Yule Log Cake (S$72). Pretty in pink and featuring swirl layers of almond genoise, hibiscus flower mousse and premium strawberry chocolate mousse – expect light, airy and luscious berry mouse that melts on the palate. This works well for those who prefer something fruity. 

Dates: Now until 25th December 2022

Order here 

InterContinental Singapore 

log cake from intercontinental singapore

log cake from intercontinental singapore 2022 (source: the hotel)

InterContinental Singapore will be offering 3 types of log cakes for Christmas 2022. The Bûche de Noel Chocolate ($98 for 1kg) comprises a moist chocolate sponge layered with bitter-sweet chocolate cream. With every bite is a hint of chocolate crunchy for an added touch of crisp. For those who prefer something nutty, the Heritage Chestnut Christmas Log ($98 for 1kg) hits the spot. This is a chestnut sponge cake within layers of premium Tahitian vanilla and chestnut cream and berries compote. Lastly, the Signature Forest Cherries Log ($98 for 1kg) reveals layers of impressive flavors – a dark chocolate mousse with spiced cherry confit and Kirsch mousse. 

Dates: 21st November 2022 to 25th December 2022 (orders can be made now)

Order here

Sheraton Towers Singapore 

sheraton towers log cake 2021

sheraton towers log cake 2022 (source: the hotel)

For a sweet finale, choose from Sheraton Towers’ new addition Ivory Delight (S$88), a seasonal creation boasting pandan sponge, coconut mousse and taro paste or the signature Signature Chocolate Praline (S$85) log cake which features praline paste, chocolate sponge and chocolate glaze.

Dates: Now to 25th December 2022

Order here

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore 

fullerton hotel log cake 2021

fullerton hotel log cake 2022 (source: the hotel)

The Fullerton Hotel ushers in the yuletide season with several types of log cakes including the the mailbox-shaped North Pole Log, the Snowdrift Wild Forest Berries Crate and the Christmas Carousel, meticulously handcrafted to resemble a Christmas market’s merry-go-round. Alongside these artisanal creations, the hotel’s Executive Pastry Chef introduces two Yule log flavors as an ode to Singapore heritage: the Peranakan Medley and Tropical Noel Yule logs.

Dates: 10th November to 25th December 2022

Order here 

Crowne Plaza Changi Airport 

crowne plaza changi airport log cake (source: the hotel)

Take your pick from some highly instagrammable log cakes from Crowne Plaza Changi Airport. The Marshmallow Berries Log Cake (S$88) features handcrafted Valrhona berry chocolate créme sponge cake layered with sweet wild berry chocolate pudding and crispy feuilletine chocolate and wrapped in vanilla bean marshmallow. It also seems to be carefully made, being shaped like a cottage in the woods. A more localized option is the Bubur Cha Cha Tea Log Cake (S$98) with light coconut mousse and taro and sweet potato sponge cake, encased in a white chocolate shell topped with fresh coconut sprinkles and pearly pink chocolate balls.

Dates: Now until 22nd December 2022

Order here 

Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium

classic chocolate log cake

classic chocolate log cake (source: holiday inn singapore atrium)

Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium will offer a new item – the Classic Choco Log Cake (S$88, 1kg) as a takeaway item. For a fruity kind of log cake, check out their Dulcey Yuzu Log Cake (S$88) which is laced with a combination of dulcey cremeux and tangy yuzu mousse. The cake is further enhanced with orange marmalade and almond sponge for a whirlwind of flavors.

Dates: Now until 26th December 2022

Order here (15% off)

The St. Regis Singapore 

st. regis singapore log cake

log cake from st. regis singapore 2022 (source: the hotel)

St. Regis Singapore is offering 4 types of log cakes for Christmas 2022. These include the signature St. Regis Log Cake (S$85) which comes with a moist chocolate sponge and chocolate crunchy base enveloped with gianduja mousse and chocolate hazelnut cremeaux. New this year is the Opalys Mango Calamansi Log Cake (S$80) which teases with tangy and fruity notes of mango and calamansi and balanced with the creaminess of opalys mousse. Other log cakes available this year include the Chocolate Decadence Log Cake (S$75) and Coconut Pineapple Log Cake (S$80).

Dates: 24 November to 31 December 2022

Order here

Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre

log cake selection from holiday inn singapore orchard city centre

log cake selection from holiday inn singapore orchard city centre (source: the hotel)

Window on the Park at Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre presents halal-certified log cakes. The Opalys Mango Calamansi Log Cake is a refreshing combination of mango and vanilla. Alternatively, the Raspberry Pistachio Log Cake is a delectable art-piece of raspberry-infused sponge cake sandwiched between nutty cream and generously flavored with pistachio. Then there’s also the ever-reliable Chocolate Log Cake, a Christmas favorite.

Dates: 18 November 2022 to 2nd January 2023

Order here

Hilton Singapore Orchard

hilton singapore orchard log cake

log cakes 2022 from hilton singapore orchard (source: the hotel)

Ginger.Lily at Hilton Singapore Orchard presents two two types of 1kg yule logs for $108+ – a festive spin on the signature Hilton Original Cheesecake (S$108) and the Madirofolo 65% Chocolate Yule Log (S$108). For something utterly festive, there’s also the homemade Ginger Bread House ($55). 

Dates: 2 to 25 December 2022

Order here


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