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Along with the log cake and turkey, the festive ham is another must-have dish during Christmas. The huge chunk – usually pork but may also be chicken or turkey – is either wet or dry cured and may or may not be smoked. There are many variations of ham available and all are generally considered acceptable for Christmas. There have also been deviations from the original honey-glazed hams. Some restaurants and hotels have rolled out hams with a local flair for instance, and I’ve aimed to list some of the noteworthy ones down below.


parkroyal collection marina bay ham

parkroyal collection marina bay ham (source: the hotel)

PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay’s Manuka Honey Glazed Gammon Bone-in Ham (S$318.86) comes in a massive 7kg size and is served with roasted sweet potato, buttered seasonal vegetables and Madeira pineapple sauce. Alternatively, the Glazed Boneless Ham with Gingerbread Spices (S$128.40) measures 2.5kg and comes with the same side dishes.

Dates: Now until 24th December 2022

Delivery: Free with minimum order of S$45

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Meat Pride

You will be able to find several kind of ham depending on your preference (and restrictions) over at Meat Pride, from Sliced Turkey Ham (S$20), Honey Baked Pork Ham (S$20) to their Whole Boneless Premium Ham (S$87) weighing 2 to 2.5kg. Customers can opt for delivery or to pick-up the ham themselves from their physical store in Admiralty. 

Dates: Ongoing

Delivery: Free with minimum order of S$45

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Meat Mekanik

Meat Mekanik is a supplier of different types of meat and they sell their hams year-round. They have a number of halal-certified pork-free hams including their Honey Chicken Round Ham (S$28) and Smoked Turkey Ham (S$28). The ham is 1kg in weight.

Dates: Ongoing

Delivery: Free delivery with minimum order of S$45 / S$1.49 delivery fee otherwise

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Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium

ham from holiday inn singapore atrium (source: the hotel)

Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium’s Honey Glazed Boneless Gammon Ham (S$178) weighs 3kg and is good enough to feed up to a dozen people. It also comes with roasted potatoes and vegetables as sides. Alternatively, keep it for a few days and you can use the leftovers to turn into other dishes with the help of creative recipes. 

Dates: 1st December 2022 to 2nd January 2023 (orders can be made now)

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The Fullerton Hotel

fullerton hotel ham 2021

The Fullerton Hotel’s Honey-glazed Champagne Ham (from S$238) is probably the most luxurious ham to get for this Christmas as it’s marinated with the aforementioned sparkling wine. The ham also comes with winter fruit compote, roasted butternut squash, braised endives, caramelised pineapple, Granny Smith apple sauce and truffle jus. The ham also comes in 2 versions – one weighing 4 to 5kg and another at 6 to 7kg, making this one of the biggest ham available for Christmas this year.

Dates: 14 November to 27th December 2022

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Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza

Indulge in the Honey and Clove Glazed Ham for a truly decadent Christmas feast. The ham itself comprises of two sizes – 2/3kg and 5/6kg and is priced at S$188 and S$288 respectively. The ham also comes with cinnamon apple sauce. 

Dates: Now until 25th December 2022

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Sheraton Towers Singapore

gammon ham from sheraton towers

gammon ham from sheraton towers (source: the hotel)

Sheraton Towers Singapore is offering 2 types of ham for Christmas 2021. The Honey-Glazed Boneless Ham (S$188) weighs 3kg and comes with roasted potato, festive vegetable, and pineapple raisin sauce. The Honey Grenadine Semi Bone-In Gammon Ham (S$288) on the other hand is a new recipe with a slightly fruity aroma bringing sweetness to the meat. This 5kg ham also comes with roasted potato, festive vegetable, and pineapple raisin sauce.

Dates: Now to 25th December 2022 (collection starts 5th December)

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InterContinental Singapore

InterContinental Singapore’s Honey Baked Pork Ham (S$128) weighs 2kg and comes with Pineapple Chutney as sauce.

Dates: Now to 25th December 2022 (delivery or collection starts from 25th November)

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Crowne Plaza Changi Airport

crowne plaza changi airport gammon ham (source: the hotel)

Crowne Plaza Changi Airport’s Lemongrass and Pineapple Glazed Gammon Ham (S$138) is glazed with house-made lemongrass and pineapple sauce. It is served with roasted ratte potatoes and seasonal greens. Good for 4-6 persons.

Dates: Now until 25th December 2022

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Master Grocer

Master Grocer is a butchery and deli selling various types of meat. Their Honey Glazed Ham (S$11.95) which is delivered chilled weighs 800 grams and is smoked and cured with brown sugar and less salt

Dates: Ongoing

Delivery: Free with minimum S$60 order / S$8 otherwise

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Da Paolo Gastronomia

honey baked ham from da paolo gastronomia (source: da paolo gastronomia)

Da Paolo’s glistening Honey Baked Ham (S$178) is studded with cloves, glazed with honey and slow baked to perfection. It weighs 2kg and is good for 8 to 10 persons. This sweet-savory creation comes with passionfruit sauce on the side.

Dates: Now to 4th January 2023

Delivery: Free delivery with minimum order of S$400

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