Amber-Code Holders In Tour Teams Can Enter Theme Parks, Museums & Eating places



Starting this month, inbound travellers with amber health codes can enter public spaces such as theme parks, museums, temples, and certain sections of restaurants. In a press release issued on Monday, the Hong Kong government specified that only tour groups who come to the city using the services of licensed travel agents may enter these premises during the first three days of their stay in the SAR.

Currently, all inbound travellers who test negative for Covid-19 upon arrival in Hong Kong are issued an amber code that prevents them from entering crowded public places such as restaurants and tourist attractions during the first three days after their arrival in the city. Tourists who want an exemption from this rule must first provide a licensed travel agent or agency their itineraries.

These tourists must also use the LeaveHomeSafe app, adhere to vaccine pass requirements, and may only sit in partitioned areas in specific restaurants that meet the city’s anti-epidemic criteria for these tour groups. The details will be available on the Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong website.

The Hong Kong government is also considering reducing the number of PCR and rapid antigen tests (RATs) for inbound travellers who are in the city for a short time. At present, testing requirements for all overseas arrivals include an on-arrival PCR test at the airport, as well as tests on Days 2, 4, and 6 after they enter the city. They must also take daily RATs until Day 7 after they arrive in Hong Kong.

Header image credits: johnlsl via Flickr



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