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While Repulse Bay is probably Hong Kong’s most famous, the city is home to a surprising number of beaches if you’re looking for a bit of swimming and sunbaking. Here’s a guide to some of the top Hong Kong beaches. Always check the Leisure and Cultural Services Department website for updates regarding beach closures.

#1 Repulse Bay

This crescent-shaped beach is popular with locals and tourists alike and is easily the most recognisable beach in the city, making it one of the top Hong Kong beaches. Once you have had your fill of surf and sun, you can have a meal at one of the restaurants adjacent to the beach or head into The Pulse or The Repulse Bay to do some shopping. Make sure you check out the gardens at one end of the beach, with colourful statues of traditional deities such as Tin Hau.

Where: Beach Road, Repulse Bay
How to get there: Taxi or bus 6, 6A, 6X, 66 or 260 from Exchange Square in Central

#2 Deep Water Bay

One of the more picturesque beaches, this Southside beach is usually busy on weekends, but with views out to Middle Island and the Ocean Park cable car, it’s always a pleasant experience nonetheless. It connects to Repulse Bay via Seaview Promenade, a walking and jogging trail.

Where: Island Road, Deep Water Bay
How to get there: Bus 6, 6A or 260 from Exchange Square in Central. Green minibus 40 or 52

#3 Stanley Beach

There’s plenty to do on a day trip to Stanley with an extensive street market, high street shopping and a strip of restaurants to enjoy looking over the water. There are also two beaches: Stanley Main Beach on the eastern end and St Stephen’s Beach to the west. Both have sand for sunbathing and barbecue facilities. Stanley Main Beach is popular with windsurfers and is the site of dragon boat championships in June.

Where: Stanley Market Road, Stanley
How to get there: Taxi or bus 6, 6A, 6X, 66 or 260 from Exchange Square in Central

Top beaches in Hong Kong - Stanley Beach

#4 Turtle Cove Beach

This little beach is secluded and only 70m long. The beach has showers and barbecue facilities, but does not have any stalls selling food or drinks, so you will need to bring a picnic or barbecue. Its exclusive vibe makes it one of the top Hong Kong beaches.

Where: Tai Tam Road, Stanley
How to get there: Bus 14 from exit A at Sai Wan Ho MTR or minibus 16X from Chai Wan to Red Hill estate bus stop. Stairs near the bus stop lead to the beach.

Best Hong Kong beaches - Turtle Cove Beach

#5 Shek O

This beach has long been one of the top Hong Kong beaches. Take the number 9 bus from Shau Kei Wan Station on weekends and it will be packed with local Hongkongers heading to Shek O for a day at the beach. Once you get off the bus, there are plenty of street food and market stalls in Shek O village, as well as local restaurants. The Cococabana Mediterranean restaurant overlooks the water.

Where: Shek O Road, Shek O
How to get there: Taxis, minibuses and bus 9 from Shau Kei Wan MTR station exit A3

Best beaches in Hong Kong - Shek O

#6 Big Wave Bay Beach

Not to be confused with Big Wave Bay, this is popular with surfers with decent waves as a result of winds coming from two directions. It can be pretty crowded at weekends. Big Wave Bay Beach is close to the Dragon’s Back hiking trail. It is also home to a prehistoric rock carving that is now a declared monument.

Where: Big Wave Bay Road, Shek O
How to get there: Bus 9 from Exit A3 at Shau Kei Wan MTR Station

Top Hong Kong beaches - Big Wave Bay Beach

#7 Cheung Sha Beach

This beach is a popular day trip for Lantau locals who head down with their families to spend the day at one of the restaurants facing the sand, making it easy for the kids to play on the beach under watchful eyes and for everyone to cool down with quick dips in the ocean in between food and drinks. You can get to Cheung Sha by car or bus from Mui Wo town centre. Keep an eye out for wandering Lantau buffaloes!

Where: South Lantau Road, Lantau
How to get there: Ferry from Central Pier 6 to Mui Wo, then bus 1 or 2 from Mui Wo town centre

Hong Kong beaches - Cheung Sha Beach

#8 Pui O Beach

Nestled down in South Lantau, Pui O is loved for its laid-back vibe, which makes it an easy entry on a list of top Hong Kong beaches. It has showers, barbecues and even a kiosk to rent surfboards and other equipment.

Where: South Lantau Road, Lantau
How to get there: Ferry to Mui Wo and the number 1 bus takes about 15 minutes, or get a blue Lantau taxi

Best beaches in Hong Kong - Pui O Beach

#9 Silvermine Beach

If you get to Mui Wo and can’t be bothered moving on to a second destination, Silvermine Beach is just a short stroll from Mui Wo town centre. The beach takes its name from the original reason for the Mui Wo settlement, a now defunct silver mine. The Silver Mine Hotel is located overlooking the beach, but Mui Wo has a number of eateries with excellent reputations as well as a few local seafood restaurants.

Where: Tung Wan Tan Road, Miu Wo, Lantau
How to get there: Ferry to Mui Wo and then turn right at the pier and walk 10-15 minutes following the signs

Top Hong Kong beaches - Silvermine Beach

#10 Tai Pak Wan

This Discovery Bay beach is a short hop from the ferry terminal and its ease of access makes it one of the top Hong Kong beaches. There is an excellent kids’ playground at the north end of the beach. Enjoy a day on the sand and if you then have lunch or dinner at one of the nearby D’Deck restaurants you will get your return ferry trip to Central for free.

Where: Discovery Bay Road, Discovery Bay
How to get there: Ferry from Central Pier 3. Turn right at Discovery Bay ferry pier and walk 5 minutes to beach entrance

#11 Hung Shing Yeh Beach

Located on slow-paced Lamma Island, Hung Shing Yeh Beach is possibly one of the most chilled beaches in Hong Kong. It’s been the scene of many a beach party and barbecue as locals and visitors alike congregate to enjoy some peace away from hectic Hong Kong. The beach is on the Yung Shue Wan side of Lamma.

Where: Yung Shue Wan, Lamma Island
How to get there: Ferry from Central Pier 4 to Yung Shue Wan. Turn right at the pier and walk along the Family Trail to the beach for about 30 minutes

#12 Tung Wan Beach

Tung Wan Beach on Cheung Chau has a link to the Olympics, being the place where Hong Kong’s first-ever gold medallist trained. Lee Lai-Shan won gold at Atlanta in 1996. Head to Tung Wan Beach and enjoy views of Lamma Island and Aberdeen, as well as the garden commemorating the achievements of Shan Shan.

Where: Cheung Chau Beach Road and Hai Pak Road, Cheung Chau
How to get there: Take the ferry from Central Pier 5 to Cheung Chau. From Cheung Chau ferry terminal, walk along Tung Wan Road 10 minutes to Tung Wan Beach

Hong Kong beaches - Tung Wan

#13 Kam Wan Beach

Next to Tung Wan Beach is Kam Wan Beach, which is where a young Lee Lai-Shan trained. It’s now the site of the Cheung Chau Windsurfing Centre and number 13 on our top Hong Kong beaches list.

Where: Just to the east of Tung Wan Beach
How to get there:
Take a ferry from Central Pier 5 to Cheung Chau. From the ferry terminal walk in same direction as Tung Wan Beach ­– Kam Wan Beach is five minutes further

#14 Golden Beach

This was the first artificial beach in Hong Kong. At 545m long, it is also the largest beach in Tuen Mun, making the cut for our top Hong Kong beaches list. There are refreshment kiosks, shops and restaurants just off the beach, as well as a volleyball court.

Where: 18.5 milestone of Castle Peak Road, Tuen Mun
How to get there: The beach is serviced by a number of KMB, Citybus and MTR feeder buses

#15 Big Wave Bay & Ham Tin Beach

Fancy a spot of camping? Tai Long Wan, which translates to Big Wave Bay, on the Sai Kung Peninsula, is well-equipped to cater for this. From Pak Tam Au, it’s a one-hour hike along the MacLehose Trail (from the end of Stage 2 back towards the beginning) and down to the beach. You can get food here, as well as hire camping equipment. Beware, though; the beach doesn’t have a lifeguard service and can have some dangerous currents. A short walk to the south is Ham Tin Beach, whose tiny village also has some shops for getting drinks and snacks – and you’ll want to take photos on the atmospheric wooden footbridge that leads across to the beach.

Where: Sai Kung Peninsula
How to get there: Several options from Sai Kung town, including bus 94 to Pak Tam Au (from where you can access Stages 2 and 3 of the Maclehose).

Best Beaches - Ham Tin

#16 Clear Water Bay Beaches

The beautiful Clear Water Bay is on the eastern shore of the Clear Water Bay peninsula within Clear Water Bay Country Park. There are two beaches – Clear Water Bay First Beach and Clear Water Bay Second Beach. Both have shower facilities, toilets and rafts, but only First Beach has a barbecue area and only Second Beach has a kiosk. First Beach is smaller and more secluded.

Where: First Beach – Tai Wan Tau, Clear Water Bay Road; Second Beach – Tai Au Mun Road, Clear Water Bay
How to get there: MTR to Diamond Hill and bus 91, which stops at First Beach before terminating at Second Beach. Clearwater Bay First Beach is the stop before reaching the terminus at Clearwater Bay Second Beach. The two beaches are connected by footpath and steps; it’s about a 15-minute walk. 

Best Hong Kong beaches - Clear Water Bay Beaches

#17 Silverstrand Beach

This small beach is on the Clearwater Bay peninsula in Sai Kung. A wide range of facilities are available, including car parking, refreshment kiosks, barbecue pits, changing rooms and shower facilities.

Where: Clearwater Bay Road, Sai Kung
How to get there: MTR to Hang Hau, and then a bus

Top HK beaches - Silverstrand Beach

#18 Trio Beach

This small beach is a huge favourite with families, including for the short but enjoyable sampan trip that you take to get there from Hebe Haven. You can also do a short hike to the beach along the peninsula to the north, from near the Lions Nature Education Centre.

Where: Sai Kung
How to get there: MTR to Hang Hau; 101 bus to Sai Kung and get off at Hebe Haven/Pak Sha Wan for sampan. Or MTR to Choi Hung, 1A bus to Sai Kung and get off at Hebe Haven.

Beaches in HK - Trio Beach

#19 Long Ke Beach

This one’s definitely off the beaten track; you’ll need a boat to get to it, or you can access it from Stage 2 of the Maclehose Trail if you’re on foot. It mightn’t have any infrastructure or shops, but Long Ke remains one of Hong Kong’s best beaches, and is a popular weekend junk destination.

Wbere: Sai Kung
How to get there: Catch a green taxi from Sai Kung to East Dam where you’ll see a sign to Long Ke Wan; hike down to the beach. Alternatively, you can travel by water – head to Sai Kung Pier and charter a speedboat.

HK beach - Long Ke Beach

Do you have a favourite beach in Hong Kong? Tell us what it is!

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