7 Finest Shops for Anklets in Malaysia



Once considered a style to be worn at the beach, wearing anklets is now an everyday fashion staple. It’s amazing how this simple embellishment can truly transform the look of our feet, whether it’s a dreamy star anklet to minimalist anklets with intricate details. With an extensive variety of stores for anklets available in the market, which then is the best store for anklets in Malaysia? In our Best of Lifestyle series, we have curated the latest 7 Best Stores for Anklets in Malaysia, providing quality recommendations to suit your budget and lifestyle. For the ultimate guides, also check out our best sports bra and photo studio recommendations!

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This article was last updated on 23 September 2022

7 Best Stores for Anklets in Malaysia

1. TOMEI Gold & Jewellery

TOMEI Gold & Jewellery

With over 50 years of experience in the industry, Tomei has become one of Asia’s leading gold and jewellery brands. Tomei itself means ‘Very Beautiful’ in Chinese, with every of their jewellery pieces telling a story and a beauty that lasts a lifetime. 

Known for its elegant jewellery, Tomei’s anklets are those are perfect gifts for babies. Each of their anklets is made from Yellow Gold 916, like this Jingling & Blessing Double Treasures Baby Anklet, and they’re exquisitely crafted with delicate attention to detail.

2. Thomas Sabo

Thomas Sabo

Thomas Sabo has a root in Germany and is made by a man of the same name as the brand itself. The brand reflects European elegance in its every design, which is why each and every piece is hand-finished by jewellers in Germany. However, unlike other brands, their jewellery is made from 925 Sterling Silver. Thomas Sabo is definitely your perfect brand if you’re looking for timeless and classic anklets that suit any occasion.

3. Celovis


Creating fine jewellery in France, Celovis strives to represent modern ladies’ traits of confidence, graciousness and elegance on the pieces they create. They’re specialising in Titanium – which is the hardest metal yet the lightest in weight – paired with elegant and dainty designs that are made to be noticed. They’re now available in 3 locations in Kuala Lumpur, including their flagship store in Parkson Elite. 

Celovis has some of the must-have chic anklets in their collections. Like this Queen Alexandra Butterfly Anklet in Rose Gold that has a butterfly design that symbolises change and self-transformation, every piece of their jewellery tells a story and a spirit of the wearer.

4. Lovisa


You don’t have to spend a ton for brilliantly-looking jewellery, Lovisa is where you can get quality anklets without emptying your wallet. Founded in 2010, Lovisa takes its inspiration from couture runways and the latest street style, delivering new techniques to each store every week. They’re now available in 15 countries worldwide including Malaysia. 

Lovisa’s anklets are available in silver and gold material, but they all have one thing in common: a unique accent. Take this Silver Cubic Zirconia Anklet, for example, it’s intricately designed with elements such as pearl, cubic zirconia and crystal that create a unique beauty for the wearer.

5. Stylicy


If you’re ready to splash money on the most gorgeous piece of jewellery, Stylicy hosts some of the finest anklets in its collections. From this dreamy Amina Muaddi Lily anklet to this luxurious Sydney Evan Small Bezel Evil Eye 14K Yellow Gold, Diamond & Sapphire Anklet, Stilicy’s anklets are made from the finest jewels. Moreover, they also retail multiple famous jewellery brands and designers on their shelves, so you’ll be spoilt for choices. 

6. Monsterbunny

Monsterbunny anklet

For chic and minimalist anklets, look no other than Monsterbunny. An online local brand founded in 2019, Monsterbunny creates anklets that are minimal in design yet intricate on details with tiny bits that tell a lot about the wearer’s personality. Using titanium steel and 925 silver, their anklets are affordable between RM89 to RM95, yet they guarantee anti-rust, tarnish-free, hypoallergenic and waterproof quality. Some of their best recent arrivals are Venice Butterfly Anklet, Cleo Anklet and Elaine Retro Anklet.

7. Wingbling

Wingbling anklet

Handcrafted in South Korea, Wingbling prides itself on jewellery pieces that are ethically sourced, fair-traded and of enduring quality. It’s a fantastic online store to look for simple and chic anklets, and they also create pieces similar to those worn by Korean pop celebrities – you can dress like your idols now! Check out these beautiful gold-plated anklet collections Bloom Daisy Anklet and Muse Anklet – it’ll be hard not to leave their site without placing an order!



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