This ‘messy’ journey inspiration website desires to speak to Gen Z



As Gen Z holidaymakers rediscover travel, they seek more free-spirited and “messy” experiences that allow them to forge their own path. Ink Global – which also publishes this website – caters to this new breed of travellers with More Corners, an online travel portal that highlights “curious tales from faraway places”. If you’re the sort of traveller who’ll pick a backpack and boots over rolling luggage and heels, it is the perfect website for you.

Barbados Horses More Corners Gen Z Travel 3
Swimming with the horses in Barbados

‘Messy’ travel inspiration for Gen Z

More Corners delivers intriguing human stories from across the globe through bite-sized documentaries, social videos and podcasts. They also collaborate with renowned travel influencers like @PetiteBlondine, @passportgoat and @canadiantravelgal to create eye-opening content based on genuine experiences. The website’s team is also made up of former editors and writers of Time Out who bring a wealth of experience to the team.

Currently, seven documentaries are available to take viewers on unconventional adventures — from painting with a pig in South Africa to swimming with horses in Barbados. You’ll also be able to tune in to the More Corners podcast for more Gen Z travel inspiration. The podcast is hosted by award-winning journalist Sirin Kale who will regal listeners with tales of volcanoes, Viking halls and Iceland’s “elf churches”.

More than just a travel website

Ink’s Editorial Director, Jonny Ensall, says, “More Corners is social-first, video-first and human-first. It reflects the way that travel is heading, and it brings together the kind of high-quality journalism you’d expect from big publishers like Ink or Time Out, with the content platforms of the future.” 

More Corners also plans to put the spotlight on topics that are important to Gen Z, like sustainability, multiculturalism and wellness. 

More Corners currently has over 600,000 followers across TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Their documentaries can also be streamed on Reach TV – Ink Global’s airport and inflight TV channel with an audience of 30 million travellers per day.



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