8 Best Shops for Strapless Bra in Singapore


If you’re a woman, you know the struggle of having to find the perfect strapless bra to go with your outfit. It has to have a nice lifting effect, well-made, and of course, non-slip!  With an extensive variety of shops for strapless bra in the market, which then is the best shop for strapless bra in Singapore? In our Best of Home series, we introduce the 8 Best Shops for Strapless Bra in Singapore, providing quality recommendations based on your lifestyle and budget needs.

Best Shops for Strapless Bra in Singapore

1 . H&M


H&M is one of the most well known clothing brands. We are fans of their up-to-date and fashion-forward pieces but are even bigger fans of their intimate and underwear selection, particularly their strapless bras. Whether you’re donning an off-shoulder dress or rocking a tube top, H&M has a wide range of strapless bras you can choose from. Their pieces are comfortable, well-made, and have different styles that are perfect for any look. We recommend the Seamless Balconette Bra if you’re looking for a clean, seamless, and comfy strapless bra or the Padded Jersey Bandeau Bra that provides shaping and great support for the bust. 

2. Pierre Cardin Lingerie


Pierre Cardine Lingerie is a go-to for sexy and fun lingerie, but we think that their selection for strapless bras are superb as well. Made with the same quality and grace, they have pieces made for every shape and size. If you want to opt for a bralette instead of a bra, they have the Perfect Lace Bandeau Bralette which is the perfect mix of flirty and functional. However, if you’re looking for a more practical, “everyday” kind of bra that provides a lift for your bust, you can go for the Comfort Boost Push-Up Strapless Bra.

3. Chaloné


Chalone is a lingerie brand that caught our eye because of its versatile and aesthetic pieces. One piece that we really like is their 3-in-1 Revolution Bra which is exactly what it says it is- revolutionary and multi-purpose. You can wear this bra either as a strapless, on its own or as a bralette. On the other hand if you’re on the search for a comfy piece that comes without a wire, we can recommend their Phoebe Non Wired Strapless Bra. It is a microfiber plunge-style bandeau bra that while only provides light padding, offers excellent strapless support.

4. Wacoal


Wacoal has time and time again, provided women with luxurious lingerie and sculpting shapewear. Among their many products, they also have a line of amazing strapless bras. One of our top picks is their Intuition Toasted Beige Strapless Bra because it allows for a  seamless, comfortable, and clean look under clothing. We also love that Wacoal has a wide range of bra sizes because of course, women come in all shapes and sizes. So whether you’re shopping for the Intuition Strapless bra or their Accord Strapless Bra, you’re sure to find a bra that fits you and your needs.

5. La Senza


One thing that we always look for when shopping for bras is its ability to be used in different outfits and occasions. With this, La Senza is right up our alley because they have a great array of strapless and multiway bras that you can choose from. In our experience, we find it particularly hard to find a bra when we’re wearing backless dresses or tops. This is exactly why we love their Feather-Lite Backless Push Up Bra. It is everything we need: adhesive, lifting and invisible under clothing. You can also go for their classic Strapless Push Up Bra that features sleek microfibre push up cups and stay put technology.

6. Triumph


Bra shopping can be challenging because there’s so many things you have to tick off the checklist: comfortable, good support, cute. However, Triumph makes it on our list because they fit all of our categories perfectly. They have well-made bras that do the job, and are beautifully designed, too! Just take a look at their Aqua Lantern Wired Push Up Bra with Detachable Straps. It has a beautiful multi-coloured and embroidered floral pattern, plus its a convertible bra so you can just snap on the straps if you need to and you’re good to go! They have so many options to choose from, so we’re sure that you’ll find one that’s absolutely perfect for you.

7. M&S


We know what you’re thinking, and no, Percy Pig Gummies isn’t the only thing M&S stocks on their shelves. They also have a great selection of strapless bras! Again, we love bras that get the job done, so we highly recommend their Aster Sparkle Wired Push-Up Multi-Way Bra. For one, it looks absolutely gorgeous with its French-designed lace trim and crystal detailing but it is also made with luxurious silk-like fabric and has an out of this world push-up effect. Their Lace Padded Bandeau Strapless Bra is also a great option if you want to update your lingerie collection and add a piece that is equal parts pretty and functional.

8. Iminxx.official


I’m In is a brand that’s dedicated to innovating bras that work. It’s very hard to find a strapless bra that lives up to its claims, but I’m In definitely lives up to its promises. We love that it is an Asian brand that caters to Asian women and we know they provide good products because they receive nothing but good reviews from their clients who have tried and tested their bras. If it’s your first time buying a strapless bra, you can try their Air Leisure Bra or the Lift It Up! V2.0!

We hope that our guide on the 10 Best Shops for Strapless Bra in Singapore has helped you to buy the best strapless bra in Singapore for your beauty and skincare needs. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful.


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