10 Best Maternity and Family Photoshoots in Bali (2022)


A family or maternity photo is special because it captures a certain moment in time. While studio shots are the standard, there are lots of reasons to walk out into nature and capture those raw moments, especially because Bali offers so many hidden gems. Fortunately, many experts in Indonesia provide family and maternity photoshoots these days, so now is the best time to get outside for a photo session. With an extensive list of photographers offering maternity and family photoshoots, which then is the best in Bali? We introduce the 10 Best Maternity and Family Photoshoots in Bali, providing quality recommendations based on your budget and photoshoot needs. 

This article was last updated on 15 May 2022.

10 Best Maternity and Family Photoshoots in Bali

1. Gusmank Photography

Gusmank Photography

Featured in leading online publications

Gusmank has over 10 years of expertise and offers a variety of Bali photographer services such as wedding photojournalism, pre-wedding or engagement, family, and travel photography. Not only that, but we absolutely admire that Gusmank had been featured in many websites and articles including Flytographers, Hitchbird, Fujifilm, and many more! For that reason, you can trust that Gusmank will handle every step correctly, even if you have no idea where to begin.

A bright and breezy photojournalistic approach

Gusmank’s bright and breezy photojournalistic approach is ideal for capturing family or maternity photos as well. It can also encapsulate the beauty of Bali, Indonesia with the distinctive approach to maximizing natural light and generating expansive photographs. In addition, the team’s relaxed and cheerful demeanor will add to the enjoyment of your experience as you explore and discover Bali’s hidden jewels. We think this will also bring a more personal touch to your photos!

Countless photoshoot ideas highlighting Bali’s wonders

We also very much appreciate the flexibility of the Gusmank theme concerning family and maternity shoots. Moreover, we noticed that he was able to make each family’s photo idea distinctive by utilizing Bali’s many attractions as we browsed through his photo collection. Concepts that piqued our interest include the extended family vacation, family travel photography, beaches, and even the Balinese modern indoor interiors! If you’re still not sure what’s right for you, contact their team, they’ll be happy to come up with what’s best for you.

2. Maxtu Photography

Maxtu Maternity and Family Photoshoot Indonesia

Less retouching, more natural lighting

As a team of experienced photographers, Maxtu Photography is dedicated to capturing every significant moment conveyed. They also offer wedding, pre-wedding, maternity, and family photoshoots in Indonesia. Their Bali Family Photography focuses on understanding how your family enriches your life, and they shoot your priceless moments with them. We also feel that this technique expresses the importance of why you take photographs because the sample works they’ve provided have a much warmer and cozier feel to them.

To top it all off, we think the warmth we felt when we saw the photos was thanks to their photography and editing skills. The crew’s style is also straightforward and natural—they don’t use much digital imagery or Photoshop embellishments. Instead, they use natural lighting, especially for outdoor shooting!

3. Mata Photography

Mata Maternity and Family Photoshoot Indonesia

Natural and candid snaps

Mata Photo takes pleasure in wedding photography, and you can find this team on the Bali Wedding Association, a professional wedding industry association. Though they specialize in weddings, they can still shoot your family and maternity photos! You can also expect excellent outcomes because the team has over ten years of expertise in the Bali photography industry. In terms of style, they like candid and natural snaps, as well as a focus on details and atmosphere, so trust your images to show you as the happiest family and couple.

Professional services without breaking the bank

We particularly like Mata Photo because they will find ways to keep your session going even if you have a limited budget. The team would also be very open to discussing various package alternatives that are within your range. So, you can expect to get excellent images and a fun photoshoot experience in Bali without breaking the bank!

4. Gusde Photography

Gusde Photography Maternity and Family Photoshoot Indonesia

What makes Gusde Photography stand out is the team’s accomplishments. They are a member of Fearless Photographers, The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP), and the Indonesian Wedding Photographers Guild (IndonesianWPG), so you can expect only high-quality images. While their offers only include engagement, honeymoon, wedding, and family sessions, they are still open to other sessions that aren’t on the list. So, if you want them to shoot your maternity photos, simply drop them an email! They are, after all, a lot of fun to work with, and their clients are well-cared for.

5. Dedot Photography Bali

Dedot Maternity and Family Photoshoot Indonesia

Made Dedy Ariadi, better known as Dedot, is a skilled documentary wedding photographer based in Indonesia. He is so passionate about travel that he has a raw talent for candid photography. With this, you can also expect your maternity or family photographs to be natural and fun! And if you’re also interested in a destination shoot, he’s already published the travel dates and destinations on his website. All you have to do is contact him directly via email, and Dedot will accompany you to every corner of the globe.

6. Bali Pixtura

Bali Pixtura Maternity and Family Photoshoot Indonesia

We really appreciate the great customer service and the excellent results that Bali Pixtura provides. They could do this by being highly enthusiastic about what they do, as seen by their photos. They also like just having fun with all of their clients to make the shooting process more natural. Besides that, they edit with creative touches that accentuate the natural beauty of locales in Bali, which we also like. All in all, you can forget the formal studio style with wallpaper background to your family portrait and have more fun outside if you pick Bali Pixtura.

7. Kayana Photography Bali

Kayana Maternity and Family Photoshoot Indonesia

Photographs exuding a warm and homey feel

There are many underappreciated photographers and artists in the field, and we believe you should still give them a chance. If you think so too, we highly recommend Kayana Photography Bali. Though the owner still hasn’t received an award, we strolled through the gallery and were captivated by their photo collection. After all, this photographer has been in the business for more than 5 years! Kayana Photography also provides a variety of services, such as prewedding, engagement, family, maternity, and other photoshoots. What also piqued our interest was the straightforward approach of the images and concepts, which seem more lovely because capturing them doesn’t always have to be fancy or expensive. This style also adds a homier and warmer feel to your images!

8. Silangit Photography

Silangit Photography Maternity and Family Photoshoot Indonesia

A family excursion and a photoshoot in one

We understand that kids might get bored fast, so we must make every effort to keep the day entertaining during photoshoots. Fortunately, we discovered Silangit Photography, which offers family trips in addition to the session! Their Ice Tea Jumbo Tour is a 10-hour photography session that also includes a tour of 3 to 4 destinations to keep you and your children interested and amused throughout the session. What we also enjoy is that this specific package will not overstretch your children. It’s equally pleasant as a conventional full-day excursion! This package simply allows them to interact with you to capture the best moments of your short holiday.

9. Studio 8 Bali Photography

Studio 8 Bali Maternity and Family Photoshoot Indonesia

Although Studio 8 Bali specializes in wedding and portrait photography, they are also experts at capturing emotion and love in family and maternity photoshoots. This crew is also lively, young, and full of energy, which inspires them to create amazing images every time they shoot. What’s more, they have a fashionable and casual style that’s uniquely personal to each customer. You can also ensure that your pics are distinct from those of others or those on their templates! Check their website gallery and find out more about their rates by visiting this link.

10. TATI Photo Studio

Tati Photo Studio Maternity and Family Photoshoot Indonesia

TATI Photo Studio offers decades of photography, videography, and also photo printing experience. They are still very thrilled to create remarkable works through images and videos for various events including maternity and family shoots. What’s more, their photographic packages are designed to give you a range of styles and storylines–just let them know which you think suits your family best. The best part is that they provide complimentary products such as customized photo frames and albums with personalized themes! This means you’ll also be able to keep your memories in the most creative way possible.


We hope that our guide on the 10 Best Maternity and Family Photoshoots has helped you pick the best photographer in Indonesia for your photoshoot needs. Please also share this with your family and friends if you have found it helpful!

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