10 Best Balloon Shops and Balloon Delivery in Singapore 2022



Balloons enliven any celebration. There will never be a dull occasion when you include vibrant and colourful balloons. Consequently, this party essential puts a smile on everyone’s faces of every age. Hence, if you are planning on creating a memorable celebration, always remember to buy the best quality balloons. Your friends, families, and your special someone will surely appreciate this gesture too. There are a lot of balloons available in the market. In fact, these balloons come in different colours, shapes, and even themes. There are also ones that come in packages and are great as giftable. With an extensive variety of balloon shops and balloon delivery in the market, which then is the best balloon shops and balloon delivery in Singapore? In our Best of Lifestyle series, we introduce the 10 Best Balloon Shops and Balloon Delivery in Singapore, providing quality recommendations based on your lifestyle and budget needs.

10 Best Balloon Shops and Balloon Delivery in Singapore

1. BoBoChaChaBalloon

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BoBoChaChaBalloon is a registered online-based balloon shop in Singapore with a proven expertise in balloon customisation. What we absolutely love about them is that they prioritise in providing the best quality balloons that will surely brighten up any celebration. Moreover, this balloon shop abides by their “Matching Colour String” concept. This just means that their artist provides recommendations as to which colour string matches their customer’s preferred colour. As a result, it creates a unifying look that fits the party theme. Furthermore, BoBoChaChaBalloon uses premium quality balloons that will not deflate too easily. Speaking of customisation, you may also leave a personalised message and have them printed out in your balloon! Certainly, any celebrant will be surprised and grateful to have these balloons for their occasion.

2. Funlah

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As the name implies, Funlah cares about their customers having fun. This balloon shop in Singapore is established with the goal of putting the element of awe in every occasion. In fact, Funlah specialises in providing personalised bubble balloons and latex balloons. Additionally, Funlah offers hand-paint balloons that definitely adds that wow and unique factor in every party. Not only that, this balloon shop can also create themed balloon decorations that will suit your next event. You may browse their “THE FUN EDIT” blog and their catalogue for inspirations. What also impresses us the most is that you can message their site and get a customised package for your grand celebration. Indeed, Funlah will be happy to assist you in planning your event with their vast collection of balloons and party supplies.

3. BearloonSG

Bearloon SG
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Planning on adding a personal touch for your loved ones’ gift? Worry no more, because BearloonSG will always have your back. This balloon shop prides itself in creating gorgeous gift hampers, hot air bubble balloons, and floral baskets and boxes. Truly, these packages are beautifully crafted for the most important person in your life. Moreover, BearloonSG supplies thematic balloon sets that complete every celebration. For instance, this shop has letters and numbers balloons, character balloons, and specially-designed balloons on each occasion. Furthermore, this balloon shop and balloon delivery in Singapore offers delivery services for free! Yes, that’s right, BearloonSG offers same day free delivery on all of their products in their website. In fact, they offer it with no minimum order. Place your orders before their specified cut off time, so you can avail of their same day free delivery offer. Check out their website for more details.

4. 24 Hours Blooms and Balloons

24 Hours Blooms and Balloons
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24 Hours Blooms and Balloons offer various balloons and flower arrangements 24/7. You never have to worry about organising an event at a later time because this balloon shop is always at your service. Moreover, you are assured to get the best service because Blooms and Balloons has been in the industry for more than 20 years. Their balloon artist, Serene, has attended numerous training, workshops, and seminars on different countries, including USA, Australia, Philippines, and Indonesia. Hence, you will know that your event will always be on good hands. Furthermore, Serene is also a skilled florist that is why any floral decorations will be just as beautiful as planned. Also, 24 Hours Blooms and Balloons uses balloons imported from the USA. This is to ensure that they are the brightest, richest, and thickest balloons you will ever see!

5. Harvest Well Balloon & Party Supplies

Harvest Well Balloon & Party Supplies
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Harvest Well Balloon & Party Supplies will probably be your next one stop shop for all your party needs. In particular, their balloons come in different types from helium balloons to foil balloons. Each come in countless colours and can be customised to your liking. Besides these, this balloon shop also supplies other party decoration needs such as banners, confetti, paper lanterns, and many more. Basically, whatever party essential you might need, Harvest Well Balloon & Party Supplies will be able to provide. Not to mention their list of party entertainers and services available on their website. You may contact their partner cake shop and magic show and balloon twisting services and see their offers. In addition to that, this balloon delivery in Singapore offers same day delivery as well. Also, if you want great discounts, you may visit their physical store in the address below.

6. The Balloon Studio

The Balloon Studio
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Wanting to surprise someone today? The Balloon Studio is here to help. In fact, The Balloon Studio actually considers itself as more than just a balloon shop. Rather, it prides itself as an Atelier, a French word that means “workshop”. Therefore, this means that The Balloon Studio embodies the idea of skilled craftsmanship. Also, it aims to create aesthetically pleasing output that stems out of creativity. If you want an excellently executed party decoration, or a one-of-a-kind present, this is the place to be. Additionally, you may talk with their own stylist and discuss the details of your event. As a result, you are assured that your idea of your dream event will come to life.

7. Balloon Blasters

Balloon Blasters
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When planning an event for your family, adding a personal touch supersedes any other extravagant preparations. Hence, if you want to make a personalised and memorable party, Balloon Blasters is the best shop to visit. Since 2006, Balloon Blasters never fail to grant their customers’ wishes in executing their concept of “the best party ever”. Additionally, what impresses us is that Balloon Blasters are dedicated in a sustainable living. Therefore, this balloon shop only supplies biodegradable latex balloons. Finally, if you need a trusted event planner for a kids event or a family day, Balloon Blasters is there to help. Just give them a message for more details.

8. Misty Daydream

Misty Daydream
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Misty Daydream cares about providing precious celebrations that suit their customer’s budget. In other words, this balloon shop caters to anyone who plans on having a significant event without breaking the bank. Misty Daydream provides a wide array of party supplies and decorations that will add colour and set the mood of the party. They have premium quality latex balloons that holds up to 10 hours of floating time. In addition to that, this shop offers wedding essentials, from bridal robes to wedding favours. Lastly, this Misty Daydream also provides customised gifts and souvenirs such as mugs, tote bags, tumblers, and a lot more! Not to mention its top-notch reliable service with a lead time of 1-2 business days. In terms of pick-up schedule, you may place your order a day in advance and have them pick up the next day.

9. Give Fun

Give Fun
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Give Fun was established by married couple, Nizz and Adrian, with the goal of “giving fun” to everyone. Since 2012, Give Fun has brought joy to a lot of people. From colourful balloons to party decors, this balloon shop has everything that you need. In like manner, Nizz and Adrian believes that a memorable party need not to be expensive, as long as it is crafted through the heart. If you haven’t through of ways to give fun to your loved one’s special day, check out Give Fun’s website and see their range of available balloons and party needs. Moreover, they have their portfolio page to give you inspirations as to how you want your next event to be.

10. Andy Balloons Pte Ltd

Andy Balloons Pte Ltd
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Andy Balloons Pte Ltd is the pioneering owners of Bez Balloons Pte Ltd. For countless years, this balloon shop has grown to be experts in the field of events or party planning. Besides their large collection of balloons and part decors, Andy Balloons Pte Ltd is known to be the best balloon providers for big events. In particular, this balloon shop has catered to product launches, grand openings, and huge company functions. In all of these, they ensure to provide the best quality service you can expect for a balloon and party company. Thus, if you are planning on a corporate event, or even a special party for your loved ones, give them a message or call. Andy Balloons Pte Ltd offers free consultation service so you get to have the best event for everyone to remember.

We hope that our guide on the 10 Best Balloon Shops and Balloon Delivery in Singapore has helped you to buy the best balloons in Singapore for your next occasion. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful.




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